How to start T-shirt business with WordPress themes?

Why do many people love to open a T-shirt online store recently? The simple answer is the T-shirt is very popular in casual wear and it is suitable for all people, men or women, old or young. Furthermore, t-shirt printing is a very developing industry with many types of printing and customer can create their own T-shirt in a few minutes with Woocommerce Product Designer powerful tool. Everyone can be an artist.

But how can you build a T-shirt online store?

There are many ways to build an online T-shirt website but do you think that the best way is also the most expensive one. Maybe, it is right but it is not true in most of the case. If you are the intelligent owner, the WordPress T-shirt theme is the smart way that you should consider.

Why use WordPress themes for your site?


As a statistic of shopping cart technologies used by online stores globally, updated June 2016, from, we easy to see that WooCommerce is 13,17% of the total. More than 10+ reasons why we use it to run a business. Because it is an open source with easy to set up and manage, thousands of professional themes are available with a strong community, WordPress plugin adds complex features to your business without the knowledge of code, and many benefits it brings to you as well as your business.

How to start the T-shirt business with WordPress themes?

Step 1

Choosing WordPress as your website platform

Step 2

After choosing WordPress as your website platform, only 1 click to install it. Then, choose the theme that you love. Go to Themeforest or Cmsmart marketplace to get a beautiful T-shirt theme at the lowest cost.

Step 3

After getting your theme you love, the next step is to install it. With WordPress, you can read a user guide written by the developer and do step by step. If you do not want to install by yourself, just buy a service, it is so cheap and professional team can do it quickly.

Step 4

Then set your logo and your images to make your website content various. Especially, with Site Origin page builder plugin or Visual Composer integrated into each WordPress, you can easily build your own layout with drag and drop editor. The event you are junior or senior at the technology level, you can do it without knowing the code. That is great for all people.

Step 5

The beautiful theme is not enough; you should make your site outstanding compared to other competitors with the strong plugin as Order Upload, Price Matrix or Online design tool.

And one of the most important plugins that you should install in your online T-shirt business is Online Design Tool. Why do you get it on your site? Everyone desires to have their own design on a T-shirt to show up their style. You do not need to become an artist or pro designer, Online design Tool can be used quite simple, add your image, add art, add text, change color and many features that I cannot tell you here.

After customizing the theme and integrating necessary plugins, now you have an amazing website. Do not wait to run it with many campaigns and unique marketing strategy, you will get a huge number in revenue. Good luck!

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