impressive statistics about WordPress

Some impressive statistics about WordPress you may not know

impressive statistics about WordPress

If you are working in the e-commerce industry or at least do something related to this industry, I am sure that you will hear at least one time about WordPress. When I did a survey and ask people about what WordPress is, most of them knew that it is a great blogging tool that allows users to create beautiful blogs or websites for free.

What is WordPress?

However, when I asked more details about what exactly can WordPress do for them, the answers are so many and different from others, of course. Because the purposes of each business owner are not the same as others. But, they all have a common point that is e-commerce website always plays an important role in all their marketing strategies. WordPress is the platform allowing you to easily create, update and manage websites by yourself. You only use an Internet browser. Because there is no clear answer about what WordPress can offer you as a content management system. I will give you a summary of all the impressive statistics about WordPress. I believe that you can find the answer for yourself:

The impressive statistics about WordPress

  • As of this moment, when I write this article, the data about total installations of WordPress worldwide reached the number of over 70 million and I am sure that from now on, this number will increase dramatically every day.
  • About 20% of total websites worldwide are running with WordPress
  • More than half of all sites ( including e-commerce sites, mobile device websites, blogging websites, etc.) using a content management system are using WordPress
  • The search queries about WordPress and other related terms of WordPress on Google are over 30,000,000 each month (you see there are six zero numbers, amazing figure, right?)
  • WordPress is totally free to use an application that is built by using an open source content management system (CMS).
  • Everyone totally volunteers to build WordPress. Every day, hundreds of WordPress developers and users all over the world put a lot of effort to develop and improve WordPress.
  • Due to being developed and improved every day, WordPress is regularly and continually updated to improve both its functionality and security.
  • Your content can be delivered online to visitors all over the world by WordPress. Until now, WordPress has been translated and localized into over 73 languages.
  • There is no limitation, no barrier about what you can build when using WordPress, you are totally free. On the market, you can observe thousands of awesome WordPress plugins, WordPress themes and WordPress widgets available for users.

Do you feel that those statistics are impressive enough? WordPress community continues extending with over 70 million members. In that huge community, you can raise questions, give your opinions or share the experience. I am sure that you can learn a lot from them. Taking advantage and achieve a lot of benefits regardless of you are bloggers or business owners.

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