how to choose wordpress themes

Avoiding 5 mistakes to choose perfect WordPress themes (part 1)

how to choose wordpress themes

Have you ever been in the case that you plan to build an e-commerce store, you have about one hundred dollars and you decide to use that amount of money to buy one among WordPress themes because you see its demo so amazing. However, after trying to customize WordPress themes for your site. You are disappointed and find that it does not work as in the demo. In fact, it is not as great as the WordPress themes you fell in love with. 

So, buying WordPress themes follows your feeling or because its demo looks good is never enough. In this article, I will show you the five most common mistakes that if you can avoid, the chance you can choose the right WordPress themes will higher. Here we go:

1. Not considering about WordPress themes framework

A car appearing with an awesome and shiny on the outside does not mean that it will run effectively, and the same to WordPress themes. If the theme you choose is not flexible enough, you might be stuck with the original design. Even changing the most basic compatibility will be never an easy task. So, to make sure that WordPress themes you choose can enable you to make the proper changes and customization, don’t forget to test the theme carefully.

In the market, it is not too difficult for you to find premium WordPress themes. They offer a test drive option to create a test demo of your site on the subdomain of the theme website. It is so great because you have a chance to check whether the theme is flexible enough as well as evaluate the code it is written on. Just by taking some time to create at least the homepage for your site on the test drive section. You will know how your site will look like if it runs in reality and I am sure that that trial will be really valuable for your decision.

2. Neglecting Plugin features and compatibility

The reason why people prefer and use plugins is it is convenient and users can add forms, solve security issues and analyze site statistics. With plugins, you can do anything on your WordPress themes. Until now, there are about 43,052 plugins with 1,181,706,081 total downloads in WordPress and it is predicted that in the next two years, this number will continue to increase dramatically.

There will be some cases that plugin X cannot work with theme Y, don’t worry, WordPress community is large enough with a lot of forums sharing tips and tricks about plenty of problems. But first, you need to follow those three steps:

  • Consider which plugins will really need for your site. Choosing to use plugins does not mean that you have to use a theme to support all 43K+ plugins, only plugins suitable for your project is enough.
  • Consider about features. Some WordPress themes will include custom plugins so you can check which one will be helpful for your site. These plugins usually include custom form solutions, site accessibility or popup features.
  • Contact to theme developer in case you are not sure about the compatibility. The professional developer team can give you a concise answer to your site. You can also ask on the WordPress forum or search on Google, it depends on your situation.

To be continued…