Some truths about T-shirt printing industry

I have just taken part in online T-shirt printing for a few recent years, but my honorable colleague has been in this industry for a long time, he has even observed every stage of the industry: from beginning to growth stage nowadays. He, with the experience of working offline for printing T-shirt and I, with most of the experience of working online decide to note some interesting things about this apparel decorating industry.

More and more people are going to refuse designs available on your site than prefer them:

Although it is quite hard to accept it is the fact. I do not mean that the designs on your site are not beautiful or not trendy. You know that art is always subjective. With some people, they may be awesome but with others, they are totally not impressive. So, don’t be too surprised if your customers really like or completely apathetic or downright hate your designs.

Even I met the case, a design was actually preferred by a lot of people but after a time, they may be rejected by users with reasons like too brown, too bright, too dark, etc. It is impossible to satisfy all the requirements of consumers. I don’t mean you stop being creative with your designs but I highly recommend you to let your customers engage in creating a process by let space for them to design by themselves. You can refer Online Product Designer Plugin for Woocommerce WordPress on Cmsmart. This Woocommerce product designer plugin is a great solution if you want to integrate the feature that allows your customers to design printing products by themselves.

There will be always someone else that will print it for less:

We are in the race of low-cost thanks to the advent of the Internet and digital printing, the price of printing reduces significantly, even you can find the printing service with just for ten cents a side or something. Digital printing allows consumers to print even when quantity is low, 10 or 20 for example. Due to the more flexibility, the price will be lower than offset printing.

The shop owners that need the most help often reject it:

I am not kidding, it is the truth. Ironically the companies that need the most help, they are usually the one saying that they cannot afford new technologies. If we take the example of the ISS and SGIA, you will find the common thing of both of them is focusing on promoting and educating methods, materials, skills, and techniques to make any print shop run more smoothly. You can see that these events scattered all across the country every year. Concentrated in one venue are vendors and suppliers that are showing you their next greatest thing that could help you print better or cheaper.

Overall, I hope that all t-shirt print shops will spend some time to read through this article and understand that others have traveled down these roads before them. It will be never an easy business because you all know that behind every success story, there will be a dozen failures.

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