What is the advantage and disadvantage of the wordpress platform?



“The solution for the printing website”, WordPress is the second name mentioned. Let’s find out detail about this platform. There are many printing companies has chosen WordPress to build their website because the powerful Functions that it brought. And the super products “WordPress Printstore” was using so much. LINK DEMO.

  • WordPress provides a friendly platform with the user in setup, using and developing without knowing too much for PHP, other program languages.
  • WordPress offers blogs series with a different layout. At there, you can custom everything according to your favorite.
  • Custom Menus provided in WordPress more than easy and effective
  • Powerful Back-end, content update at anywhere and you can add any information then.
  • You can easy chooses an interface for your blog from an unlimited number of interface available for WordPress.
  • This is so huge advantage, one of a kind –  abundant WordPress plugin library available. It makes your work easier and more efficient.
  • The community advantage that WordPress bring for users is so large. You can learn tips and tricks for WordPress from others.
  • WordPress provides for you so the advantage of SEO through the plugin, Helping your content get better ranking on the search results table of tools like Google.
  • There are available interface package, massive theme system.
  • Easy to Develop for programmers. If you are a knowledge person about website making.
  • HTML, CSS, PHP can easily expand your WordPress website with lots of extremely useful features.
  • As of this moment, WordPress supported 52 languages, including Vietnamese, help everyone easy setup, using and admin without difficult in the languages.


  • This first disadvantage that we have to mention is security. Due to WordPress is open source so hackers can easily find the gap, then website hacking incident.
  • WordPress is just suitable for small website design. If design an e-commerce website or a website for a large organization, WordPress is not as standard as the Magento Platform.
  • WordPress update system regularly. And it’s only good for it and not really good for you. It can harm your website.
  • Setup a website by WordPress so simple, easy but to change it, you need to have a certain level. And it’s hard to find a professional WordPress due to the website designer WordPress are not professional programmers

An example of a WordPress platform for you. The detail is the product “WordPress printshop online design

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