10 key for a professional e-commerce website (Part 2)


In the previous article, we shared some important key of an e-commerce website. However, that isn’t all, an e-commerce website also needs a feature upgrade to accordant with the needs of users. So what is the next key to helping the success of an e-commerce website? Let’s with CMSmart find out the answer in the below article.

1. Optimize image for SEO

Image loading speed is very important, It’s special important with an e-commerce website. Due to:

  • Your Customer is busy and they need to move quickly. If your website makes slowly their order process, they will abandon that cart.
  • The faster the loading of your image, the faster your website will load. The smaller the size of your image file, the faster it will upload.

The trick is to reduce the file size while maintaining quality. You can use Photoshop for choose of saving custom for the website. After choice JPG with 80KB image quality to compress standard quality website.

2. Compelling Content

From the home page to the product description try to keep the customer must stay as long as possible. Provide exactly and helpful information for the customer, offer the solution and answer their question. You can think those things are small but it really helps promote conversion on your website.
Best way to write compelling content:

  • On your home page, please show and highlight your exclusive products. The different of your e-commerce website that your competitor not have.
  • Show clear and concise instructions to visitor don’t confuse for how to order
  • Create brand loyalty and connect real customers.

Finally, always check and adjust accordingly. Adjusting things like titles, CTA buttons, and product descriptions will have a huge impact on conversion rates. It’s best to hire a talented copywriter for your website.

3. Use the open-source for website

The more you control the website, the better. Open-source with e-Commerce business helps you get maximum control. When you build a website, you will have access to a variety of resources and utilities available.

How does open source help e-commerce websites?

  • Extensions: With open source, you will find reliable extensions and utilities for different areas of your business.
  • Community: Reason # 1 to choose any open source software is a large, dedicated community willing to help each other. In addition to almost endless customization options, you also have a ready community of developers and merchants.

4. Implementation of customer analytics.

It is important to have a business analytics solution that allows you to adjust your KPI tracking for each customer. You want to be able to follow individual categories, actions, and contracts. Each potential customer you take maybe a loyal customer, so keep track of each customer to get the right strategies.

4. Personalizing the experience of the customer.

It is important to have a highly customizable backend – and it is equally important for your customers to have a personalized experience. With unique offers, you will want to introduce visitors to relevant catalogs and ordering options.

Factors to personalize customer experience:

  • Create a buyer character (also known as an ideal customer Avatar) for your brand so you can have a clear vision of what they want.
  • Keep your brand and communication channels consistent across all platforms and at every step of your buying journey.
  • Starting from small trials then measuring indicators.
  • Increase website rankings on search engines. You will know when to get more SEO traffic and more referral businesses.

In short, the happier your customers are, the more money you will earn and the faster your business will grow.

To tell you what a professional e-commerce website is, refer to the video below:

More detail:

Thanks for watching my post. I hope my post brought many exciting things. If you have any question, feel free to feedback here. I and colleagues are willing to support you. Goodluck!

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