Better Customer Satisfaction Through AI-Enabled CRM Part 1

Better Customer Satisfaction Through AI-Enabled CRM 

You are not an expert in technology to hear and understand deeply the term “artificial intelligence” or AI. So what is AI or artificial intelligence? You can understand simply that AI is simulating the intellectual processes of a child performed by machines or computer systems.

Currently, AI is being used to perform many previous human-held tasks. At the same time, this concept is quite far-fetched and even scary for many people. We should approach and adapt it because Who makes people’s lives simpler and smarter. Let’s with CMSmart find out deeply in the article “Better Customer Satisfaction Through AI-Enabled CRM“.

The popularity of artificial intelligence

When asked about AI knowledge, many people find it somewhat abstract and sounds very futuristic. But whether you know it or not, most of you have been using AI in some form. A survey was born to gather user knowledge about AI. The result is that only 33% of people think they use A, but in fact, that rate accounts for 77%.

That means you have more or less used it and you don’t know it is a form of artificial intelligence. For example, AI is used by most banks to personalize your experience on their mobile apps, while music services use AI to track your listening habits and then use Use that data to suggest other songs you want to listen to.

AI and grading predictions

As it relates to business, AI can be beneficial when used in systems and applications by automating repetitive tasks that people often do manually, thereby increasing performance. productivity and profitability of the company. More specifically, sales and marketing tools such as customer relationship management software (CRM) or sales automation platform containing AI technology can not only perform simple tasks but also As light as data entry, it can also identify patterns and trends in that data in just a few seconds and tell users how to best use it. 

With real-time information, sales teams become better equipped to serve customers, meet requirements or challenges and even predict customer buying behavior. Understanding customer expectations and knowing how to manage them first is important not only for the timely delivery of existing products but also for the promotion of new products that customers may want or need. downstream.

Such an ability AI can provide a CRM is to record the predicted score. Scoring is the way businesses and organizations identify and prioritize the highest quality potential customers so that their salespeople connect through a type of scoring system. As a business grows, this helps salespeople manage their time and pursue the most meaningful potential customers.

Score by AI using algorithms instead of people to predict which potential customers in the enterprise database are eligible. Not all parameters are the same when predicting the lead score. Easy AI can take into account information such as completed forms on your site, behavioral data, social media information, demographics, and even external information posted to your company friends.

With AI for grading predictions, algorithms evaluate what information your customers have in common, as well as what non-convertible leads have in common. From there, the algorithm determines a recipe that automatically organizes potential customers so you can easily identify the most qualified formulas. Imagine you have to do this by hand and you can understand why AI is important for predicting scores.

AI forecast and sales

Along the same line is the use of AI in sales forecasts. The sales forecast is an estimated processor towards sales. Accurate sales forecasts can help companies make business decisions based on data and predict both short and long term performance.

Sales forecasts can be based on industry comparisons, market trends or even past sales data. With AI, companies can better understand future revenue, improve resource allocation, align better groups with goals and calculate growth models. If placing the prediction parameters around your sales pipeline is difficult or unclear or if the sales forecast is inaccurate, although there is a lot of existing CRM or legacy data, you may need support AI on this issue. 

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