how to choose wordpress themes

Avoiding 5 mistakes to choose perfect WordPress themes (part 2)

how to choose wordpress themes

In part 1, we went over two first common mistakes when choosing WordPress themes, so in this post, I will list the next three mistakes. Hope you find it useful and good luck with your sale!

3. Theme without Drag and Drop Builder

Recently, along with the explosion of e-commerce, Drag, and Drop Builder feature naturally becomes the standard for any premium WordPress themes. Therefore, some WordPress themes do not come with this feature. They will not be appreciated. Because it will be quite difficult for users to build as well as maintain their site.

In short definition, Drag and Drop Builder is a powerful tool. It allows admin to create a designed page very simply just by dropping and dragging desirable elements into a grid layout. You have the full right to decide how your page looks like. It is preferred by the crowd due to its simplicity and convenience, no coding knowledge required.

4. Buying WordPress Themes with Built-In Images

This case is not popular in modern WordPress themes but it still exists. There are several themes that are not integrated built-in images. This is the problem.

For example, you use a large image for default header or small thumbnail images for site navigation. However, it is without built-in Images. When you customize that theme to change colors, images or theme direction, your changes will not be applied to those images. That is when a problem comes. The only solution for you, in this case, is changing everything manually or using other WordPress Themes with Built-in Images.

5. Ignoring Font problems when changing the language

Although with some people, using a plugin to create a WordPress multi-language website is simply, how you can install without affecting your site is not easy. Converting the design from LTR to RTL, font compatibility, and other issues can affect the design and make the theme unusable.

Unlike other problems, fixing language problems for a particular theme will require highly advanced programming skills. So, we strongly suggest that you should choose WordPress themes with pre-built to be compatible with the languages you want to use for your site.

Don’t trust what theme providers advertise that their WordPress themes are included multilingual features, you should go into the test drive and try out the target language in question. It may require you sometimes but you will save a lot of money and time when your site goes on business.


Among thousands of WordPress themes on the market, choosing just one for your site seems to be never an easy and simple task. This article cannot solve your particular problem, it cannot tell you which WordPress themes you can use for your site because it totally depends on your purposes. I want to list some common mistakes and hope you can avoid them to choose the most suitable WordPress themes for your site.

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