14 interesting facts about WordPress usage (part 2)


In part 1, we just went over six surprising statistics about WordPress usage, do you feel excited to see the rest? I want to emphasize that this post provides you the latest updated data. I am sure that there will be a lot of changes in the next years.

7. The amount of employees from is only 229 people

You may say that this number is just an imagination but it is real, surprised? A number of unique visitors to equal 130% ones of Amazon but the employees are only 229 people while Amazon needs 88,400 people to run their business smoothly (38,603% more than

8. Each second, there are six new posts on

That is real, the specific number is 5.7 posts on average published on blogs. So if we make a calculation, each minute, there will be 342 posts, 20,000 per day and over  7.49 million posts annually.

Not only is the world’s most popular self-hosted CMS solution, but the free version is also second in popularity on the list of free blogging platforms, with Google’s own Blogger topping it. You can see the heat map below which shows the location of posts published in real-time


9. $50/hour is charged for a WordPress developer

The average salary for each WordPress developer is about $50/hour. It may be higher or lower depending on the country or task. Have you ever heard about oDesk, one of the most popular outsourcing sites? They see WordPress development as the fifth most-requested skill. On a similar website,, they recorded more than $3.5 million in revenue for WordPress developers. So, overall, WordPress is actually a valuable skill you need to learn. Because the demand for WordPress developers is always high and the salary paid is also proportionable.

10. 29,000 WordPress Plugins

It is undeniable that what makes WordPress unique and be preferred by the crowd is plugins. Plugins extend and capitalize on the functionality of WordPress. One good news for you is that’s database of plugins has reached the number of 29000 and other new plugins are updated every hour. In that plugins bank, there are more than 286,000,000 download times in total.

11. 98 Versions of WordPress to Date

Only 229 employees work in but they always work with the highest intensity so they release update version frequently, about once in every few weeks. The code is also often taken care of from 60 to 80 times per day.

12. Reach 46 million download times in until 2013

It is equivalent to 100 downloads every day, You might not have downloaded WordPress and uploaded it to your FTP manager yourself, but when you installed it using Fantastico or the much-loved 1-Click, it was counted as a download.

13. The most popular platform with a business website

If we look at top 1,000,000 sites in the world, the number of business sites powered by WordPress is five times the number of WordPress-managed news sites

14. The most popular plugin is Akismet

Among over 19,000 free plugins available on the market, Akismet is preferred most with the most downloads due to auto-installed with the newer versions of WordPress. You may be surprised if you know that the total download times of Akismet up to now have been 18 million, mind-blowing figure, right?

All in all, just in thirteen short years of existence, WordPress can dominate and take its own foothold on the CMS market. I am sure that those statistics will be truly mind-numbing.

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