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Why selling personalized beach towels could be a multi-million dollar idea?

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Why selling personalized beach towels could be a multi-million dollar idea?

Beach towels are an essential summer item, they are often the first thing we pack into our beach bag and the first thing we lay down once we find the perfect spot to spend the day. So why should customers accept boring, standard beach towel designs, when they could be the envy of the entire beach with your personalized beach towels? The answer is, They don’t.

Every year, millions of people go on beach holidays around the world. Most have one thing on their mind, lazing on the beach or chilling by the pool. There is one item that you can almost guarantee will be going with them – a beach towel.    

personalized beach towelspersonalized beach towels

There are plenty of reasons to get excited about summer. Customers are eager to update their summer wardrobe, they are looking for the hottest trends in beachwear, and everyone is generally in a much brighter mood. If there is a perfect time to start selling your personalized beach towels, then it’s right now.

Creativity is key with personalized beach towels

Source: Unsplash

How do you stand out in a market that is worth billions of dollars each year? There are two key things to look at here, the first is the be creative with your personalized beach towel designs. The second is to create a following, a group of people that love your product and will be happy to talk about it. 

Let’s get personal(ized)

The one thing that will set you apart from the competition is your creativity. If you can think about your beach towels as a large canvas, then you can start to unleash your design personality. When we look at the most popular beach towel designs there is a fairly consistent pattern, bright, bold colors and strong patterns. 

Here are some of the most popular beach towel trends

Etsy – SouthBeachTowel
1. Personalized beach towels with Wavy Lines

Take inspiration from the ocean with wavy lines and bright colors. Geometric shapes are always a winner when it comes to personalized beach towel design. Not only are they easy to spot on a crowded beach, but your customers will also look great wrapped up after a swim in the sea.

2. Personalized beach towels with Straight lines
Etsy – SouthernTouchMono

Straight Lines – a far more traditional approach, however, that doesn’t mean it should be boring. Two well-chosen contrasting colors can result in the best selling personalized beach towels. A little more conservative than geometric designs but no less desirable. 

3. Personalized beach towels for kids
Etsy – FitMeShirts

Beach holidays are the most popular family holiday, so designing a range of personalized beach towels for kids is a great market to think about. If you offer both kids and adult beach towels, you also increase the likelihood of selling more than one beach towel in your store. Kids love everything from cute animals to dinosaurs and superheroes, after all, a beach towel is basically a cape. 

4. Personalized beach towels with tropical patterns
Etsy – GalistoDesigns

Tropical Patterns – harness the spirit of the jungle with some tropical designs. This is a trend that is set to continue for a good few years. Bright background color, with contrasting jungle leaves and patterns, is the way to selling your personalized beach towels in bulk. 

These four trends are a great basis to form your first personalized beach towels collection. One thing to keep in mind, at all times is that you can design whatever you want. That means if you think there is a niche market for cheap personalized beach towels with a fruit theme, then go for it. 

Personalized beach towels with Printify

personalized beach towels print on demandpersonalized beach towels print on demand
Source: Unsplash

If you’re just starting your custom print beachwear range, there are a few products to look at. If you can mix and match your range with several products, you always more likely to sell multiple items, instead of just one. 

personalized beach towelpersonalized beach towel

Personalized beach towels, starting from $17.16

Fluffy, absorbent, and large enough to sprawl out on without getting covered in sand. The large one-sided print area is the perfect canvas for your design,  plus the beach towel is available in multiple sizes. 


Personalized Beach Bag, starting from $25.91

No beach collection is complete without a custom print beach bag. Strong, lightweight, and featuring 2 sided print, your beach bag, and personalized beach towels can be a perfect match.

Buying personalized beach towels in bulk has been the way brands work for years. But with Printify you can be smarter, there is no minimum order, so you can keep your living room free of stock, it also reduces the amount of money you have to invest in the first place. 

You can also upload as many designs as you want, make changes and small adjustments to suit the ever-changing market. This flexibility is key to the success of any new brand, as is the ability to get new lines to market as soon as possible. 

Making $5million with beach towels

It’s hard to imagine making millions from selling cheap personalized beach towels, but the reality is, if you get your target market right, it’s a very real possibility. We have picked out two of the industries hottest beach towel brands, to see what they have done to make their business a success, what designs they feature and how you could apply some ideas to your own personalized beach towels brand. 

Dock & Bay

From start-up to $5million in revenue in just 5 years, that’s the journey that Dock & Bay has been on since 2015. They have a very clear identity, with simple designs and a great message for their audience. They don’t over complicate their business and focus on beachwear,  keeping their product ranges to a minimum helps them to target their market more effectively. 

One of the key bit’s of advice that co-founder Andy Jefferies gives is this:

“A third of our stock from our first order was faulty when arriving with our customers but we had already paid for it. A lot of time and money was wasted fixing the problem.”

A problem you won’t get when using Printify, as all our providers have been checked for quality and control. You can even check each provider by rating, The Print Provider Ranking is based on Product Reprint Ratio, Delayed Production Time Ratio, and User Reviews.

Sand Cloud

The brand with a focus on eco and marine ecology. Aside from designing beautiful beach towels, Sand Cloud delivers a powerful message. Donating 10% of profits to marine conservation, customers buy with confidence that they are directly helping protect marine life. Customers love to be part of a movement and Sand Cloud have successfully done this, reaching almost $7million in sales in 2018.

Co-founder Brandon Leibel points out that starting your own brand does not guarantee success. “We were so inexperienced at the time, we thought we are just going to put up a website and become millionaires”

Note. Using Printify is a great way to minimize your expenses, this really helps as a new brand. You can then allocate some resources to your marketing and getting your brand noticed, just be prepared for hard work.  

Start designing your personalized beach towels with Printify today

print on demand dropshipping printifyprint on demand dropshipping printify

Selling cheap personalized beach towels with Printify is a breeze. You can manage every step of the process with us, from designing your first beach towel to shipping to your first customer. 

Source: Unsplash

Our free mock-up tool allows you to see your designs in a real-life scenario, this can help you identify any changes you might want to make before adding to your store. 

Beach Towel print on demandBeach Towel print on demand

Printify even takes the hassle out of adding items to your store, by integrating platforms like woo commerce, Shopify, eBay, and Etsy, you can automatically add products, images, and descriptions straight into your online store. 

With summer fast approaching, now is the best time to launch your personalized beach towels range with Printify. Order samples of your designs at cost price, check the quality, and get feedback on your designs. Once you are ready to launch your personalized beach towels in bulk, you can set your profit margins (we even help with that) and start your exciting new beachwear journey. 

  • Step 1 – Select your chosen provider, based on price or perhaps manufacture location.
  • Step 2 – Upload your designs, directly from Gdrive, your desktop, or even your phone.
  • Step 3 – Check your design with our mock-up tool.
  • Step 4 – Set your profit margins
  • Step 5 – Upload your new product to your store and start working towards your first sale. 

Start designing now, and you could be celebrating your first sale in just a few hours…Leaving enough time to get to the beach for a well-earned rest.

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