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Where would you go if you could travel through time? Inspiration for the design contest.

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Back to the future or a trip into the past? Inspiration for the design contest on the subject of time travel.

A wide range of films, books and Netflix or TV series are about time travel. For many people, it’s one of the most important science fiction topics, period! Since time travel is, as far as we know, not possible, new worlds and stories are constantly being invented.

There are countless design options for the time travel contest. Here are some of the most important sources of inspiration for you.

Science Fiction

Science fiction is the genre when it comes to time travel. Imagine a world in which time travel is part of everyday life and human beings have developed into an even more advanced society. The environment, the architecture and much more can also be the topic of your time travel design. And of course life on another planet.

How you design your time travel world is completely open to you. Film posters and book covers, however, often show the universe, funny time travel machines or clocks.


In the retro futurism à la “Blade Runner” or “Star Trek”, you imagine the future as people in the past (might have) imagined it.

For the first time, you have no time or aesthetic limits. Whether 1880 or 1980 – every age offers its charm when creating a retro-futuristic design.


Steampunk is a variation retro futurism and has lots of fans. Steampunks imagine a world in which people still use steam engine technology. As the steam engine dates back to the Victorian era, the fashion and aesthetics of that time play an important role in steampunk.

Combine Victorian fashion with the aesthetics of time-travel adventure novels such as those of Jules Verne or H.G. Wells. Fly fighter jets through the air or imagine parallel universes where people can travel through time with steam power.

In terms of color, natural brown tones dominate steampunk. Popular materials and items include steel, iron, copper, clockworks, old light bulbs, rivets, and classic gauges such as as rulers or compasses.

Time travel in TV, movies and science

There are a lot of films or series on the topic of time travel. These include, for instance,

  • Back to the Future
  • Star Trek
  • Who
  • Strange
  • Interstellar
  • The time machine (often appears in Big Bang Theory)

Be inspired by the aesthetics of these works and immerse yourself in the world of time travel. Make sure you don’t “borrow” from any copyright protected works – you still won’t be able to travel back in time and undo that.

And don’t forget, you can still find design inspiration on the subject of time travel from science itself! A couple of famous scientists who have dealt with time travel are Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein. Be sure to pay attention to privacy and image rights if you want to create a design using one of these two scientists!

One scientific question that is especially interesting for time travel enthusiasts is the “grandfather paradox”. There are certainly some cool design ideas floating around in there.

Time travel products

You can basically integrate your time travel design in all your products. Standard and premium t-shirts and posters are of course the perfect surface for a detailed design. In terms of color we recommend choosing black or light fabrics – so that your design catches the eye on the product.

You’ll find even more inspiration on our Pinterest board for the time travel competition.

Time to design!


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