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What are the easiest things to flip for money in print on demand?

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What are the easiest things to flip for money in print on demand?

We get asked the question all the time at Printify: How can I boost my profit? What’s the easiest thing to sell? Or, more bluntly: What products can I sell to make money? That’s the subject of today’s blog post. If you’re looking for some information on the easiest things to flip for money in print on demand, take a look here.

What does a flip look like?

You might be wondering, what do we mean by flip? In real estate, when you flip a house, you buy a house or other property just to sell it. You only own it for a short time, which you use to renovate it, make it better, and sell it for a hefty profit. Because most properties purchased like this are purchased with a mortgage, the longer the investor holds it, the more they have to pay the bank for the loan they took out to buy it. The goal is to “flip” the house or turn it over into cash as fast as possible. 

Ok, so how does this help your merch empire? You have to flip products, fast. We’ll show you how having your finger on the cultural pulse and some timely marketing can make you some serious cash.

What can you flip to make money?

Source: Unsplash

Let’s take a look at some popular viral custom products that people have flipped into big sales. These ideas exist in the cultural milieu and suddenly, they have become big sellers after being seen on TV or after having gone viral online. Sometimes they’re one-hit wonders, other times they’ve got the staying power to go the distance for many years.

Burrito Blanket

The custom blanket is one of the easiest things to flip and simplest ideas that anyone has come up with to great effect. It’s just a simple custom blanket with a tortilla shell graphic on the outer side that, when rolled up as many people do, resembles a burrito. This is a common joke among people already when they roll themselves up into their blankets. Now, we have a quick easy novelty product that nearly everyone can buy and enjoy. Who doesn’t enjoy burritos, and who won’t enjoy their little burrito bundle for their baby, their children, or even their spouse or partner? 

If you have some clever ideas about food-themed products especially, take a look at our Printify catalog and see what inspiration you can draw. Babies as hot dogs always seem to make people laugh and infant wear, in general, is ripe for any kind of food-related fun. 

Custom Fanny Packs

Custom Fanny packs are certainly among the easiest things to flip. Once the domain of 90s moms, this is one of the hottest fashion trends that seems to have long-lasting legs. Fanny packs worn for festivals, for biking and for walking around are more and more common. Even men and boys have embraced this trend as they search for somewhere to store their keys phones and other items when there on hikes or even just going to the mall. 

They’re also the perfect accessory for walking dogs, as you can keep all your doggie treats and bags in one place and just put your fanny pack on whenever you want to take your very friend outside. Fanny packs have some serious cash potential, are more and more common among all demographics, and no longer have the mom stigma of the early 1990s that they were once associated with! 

What fanny packs are selling the best right now? 

Right now fanny packs that look like gorilla or monkey bellies, pregnant lady bumps, and other realistic fanny packs that make it seem as if the wearer has some kind of natural feature are incredibly hot at the moment. Dad’s wearing dad hairy belly fanny packs is also incredibly popular and funny especially among millennials who are increasingly trying to express themselves in fun ways as parents. The hairy belly one of the easiest things to flip and is an ironic turn for a product that was long associated mainly with women and is now more neutral in the culture. 

Patriotic fanny packs serve much the same purpose. Even if the fanny pack is not accepted in the group at the barbeque, very few people want to make fun of a patriotically themed garment! There are also funny fanny packs that show wearer to have 6 pack abs or as a lifeguard at a party. Fanny packs are one of the easiest things to flip with some creativity!

David S. Pumpkins

David S Pumpkins is not a product in as much as a movement. This is a great example of a viral product that is seasonal and has serious cash potential. If you want examples of products that are one of the easiest things to flip for serious cash, not just extra spending money, look at this phenomenon. David S Pumpkins is an SNL character played by Tom Hanks that has an odd cultural resonance around Halloween time, and no one quite knows why!

The character is dressed in a pumpkin covered suit and tie, and this is what we’re mainly concerned with. After the character appeared, his costume that was purchased off the shelf at a retailer In New York City sold out all over the country. Soon, more products with the same pumpkin theme such as dresses, leggings, and T-shirts were selling out of stores too. In short order, this odd character had produced millions of dollars in very specific retail sales. This is exactly what we’re talking about when we talk about flipping products!

Flip Tee Shirts

Organic T-shirts

Custom T-shirts are the easiest things to flip because they are the most popular product sold on our platform and also the most popular type of environment that is worn and sold. We have to think about T-shirts as an ever-evolving ecosystem of ideas, the wardrobe version of a Swiss army knife, in order to understand how versatile it is. 

Let’s talk about flipping some popular T-shirts in 2020. 

Pun T-shirts

Let’s hold up our watches to a mirror. It’s time for reflection…on puns! Puns are always great for T-shirts, and the quick-witted time filled T-shirt slogan or phrase will always be a good seller. In fact, some of the most popular shirts we sell here at Printify are often slogans or phrases printed on only the front side of a T-shirt. There’s a lot of sales potential in these little funny sayings, and of course, they’re among the easiest things to flip, even if they are borderline “dad humor”. 

When does a joke become a dad joke? When it becomes apparent.

Speaking of dads, they are a huge market for pun T-shirts, and T-shirts in general, as we mentioned before, and more and more millennial men are becoming fathers and still want to express themselves. what a great way to give them the opportunity to do so then was a clever, fun pun-filled shirt!

Nostalgic Tees

Source: Unsplash

Nostalgic T-shirts are one of the easiest things to flip and are a popular seller. Nostalgic themes like old television shows, fonts, and font styles, and logos of long-gone companies or places are extremely popular sellers. Well, it can be difficult to get permission to use famous shoes or brands in your designs, you can look to them for inspiration for your general ideas. People will understand the real meaning if you do it well and they can get the feeling you’re searching for.

Bella Canvas tees

Think of old television shows like Miami Vice, Family Matters, or Saved by the Bell. These shows have a huge cultural resonance, are ripe for parity from their style to their catchphrases, and are tailor-made for the nostalgic T-shirt genre. Revisit your old friends in TV land and get some inspiration for some nostalgic T-shirts that you can flip for big success. 

Empowering Tees

T-shirts about empowerment and moving forward in the culture are also huge right now. These could be as simple as encouraging reading such as “reading is cool too” with a nice design or it could be something about Female empowerment or overcoming barriers. More and more people want to express themselves and their passions on their clothing, and many brands even donate to causes from the sale of such T-shirts. 

Gildan T-Shirts

Shirts like this are the easiest things to flip into big profits because so many people identify with the problems that are being addressed or mentioned on the T-shirt. It’s also a great way to bring awareness to a cause, and millennials, in particular, respond to this type of socially responsible entrepreneurship. For many, this is the only type of clothing or product they will buy, so if you don’t have this type of item or product in your store, then you may well be missing out on many sales. 

Graphic Tees & Sweatshirts

All-Over-Print Unisex Sweatshirt

The King of T-shirts still is a graphic tee. Graphic teaser just T-shirts with design worker graphics can be anything from cartoons to in illustration of an abstract art concept. If you have a clever idea based on something you have seen in a film then this is a good way to cash in on that. The print-on-demand industry was practically built on these tees!

Try some cross-genre tees for some design inspiration. Think astronauts with boom boxes, angels in a bar, or the old mainstay, dogs playing poker. Putting them side by side makes for a funny scene and an interesting conversation starter. Flip some easy and quick cash with some clever graphic tees!

Inspirational Tees

Inspirational tees with affirmational messages that help people get through the day are also incredibly popular and continue to grow in popularity. These tees help remind the wearer to stay positive and move ahead and can have many other meanings. You can flip tees like this by coming up with your own inspirational messages or positive saying that will address common struggles or challenges. 

Some ideas are simple messages like “Be kind” or “Be a better human today”, which are popular as gentle reminders for the general public. Others might tap a spiritual saying or energy that is important for the wearer. They might wear the shirt as a reminder or a practice to help them deal with and overcome what they encounter! If you have gone through some challenging period, and something really helped you, then you might be able to flip that into some big sales!

Don’t flip out, flip products

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Printify – print on demand products

Easiest things to flip for money with print on demand

We’re serious about helping you to find the easiest things to flip into huge sales. This is by no means an all-encompassing list, but we hope it helps you to get inspired on some designs for your store. If you find that your product offerings are a little bit stale, then think about how you can apply the information to your store! Remember that it just takes one pitch to hit a home run, and you can flip these products to help you go the distance!

Today we talked about the easiest things to flip into big sales for your store. If you’re struggling with finding the right mix of products to make your store profitable, you can use the information above to expand your product portfolio. The more that you test experiment and flip the more likely you are to be successful. 

Need more product ideas? Follow us at Printify, either on the blog, Facebook, or Instagram, for more sales tips!

Make it happen right now.

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