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TOP 7 custom panties for your store

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TOP 7 custom panties for your store

If traditional underwear is like steak dinner – it’s great, but also a bit dull, then novelty panties is like salted caramel. While probably not suitable for everyday wear (although, if you ask me – why the hell not), custom panties can add a little pep in your step. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular, selling-like-hot-pies custom panties ideas.

Today, with a little help from print-on-demand platforms such as Printify, you can cover your hiney in the patterns of your choosing.

It starts with a white canvas, and depending on the level of creativity, with Direct to Garment or All-over-print, it can soon be turned into an extravagant piece of art. So what are the most popular panty designs? To no surprise, I discovered that even today, in the year of our Lord 2020, nothing sells like S – E – X sells. Most of the best-selling custom panties out there is some seriously R-rated stuff. 

TOP 7 custom panties design ideas for your store

1. Novelty underwear

custom pantiescustom panties
Printify’s custom panties

The great thing about novelty underwear is the sheer novelty of it all. People often get caught up in wearing the same boring knickers: men with their tedious boxers day in and day out and ladies with their plain white panties. I’m not saying it’s wrong; all I’m saying is — you can spice things.  It doesn’t matter whether you have a special occasion or a special person to dress up for, but once in a while, one should don a pair of fun undies. Even if it’s just for yourself.

Novelty underwear makes for a great gift for both gals and guys. It’s such a small piece but can speak louder than a thousand words. Matching custom panties for a family, couples, a gag gift for colleagues – the possibilities are endless! 

2. I can has underpantz?*

custom pantiescustom panties
Etsy, HappyHankie

Images and videos of cats make up some of the most viewed content on the web. Cats have been shared via email since the internet’s rise to prominence in the 1990s but for the past 13 years or so, domestic cats have single-handedly been ruling the internet. And you know what’s an even bigger part of our lives than the Internet? Our butts. So why should we deny ourselves from treating our tushies with some kitty love?

Lickstarter (love the name, btw!) has come up with the cutest pussy-themed (wink wink) custom panties. But once you start looking for cat-themed undergarments, the Internet is like an unfathomable abyss and you can find space kitties, happy kitties, sad kitties, angry sourpusses, and pizza-eating cats… you get the point. 

Etsy, LickstarterEtsy, Lickstarter
Etsy, Lickstarter

*It’s a wordplay on a famous meme site consisting mostly of cat memes, launched in 2007, I Can Has Cheezburger?

3. Personalized custom panties

Etsy, CustomlyShop

Boy, is this a popular one! Looking at all the custom panties available on Etsy, ‘I belong to [insert name]’ undies are among one of the first ones to pop up. His, hers, mine, I belong to daddy, a property of Michael… you name it. So if you, too, feel like declaring your attachment to someone, this theme is for you (and it can also be a fun wedding day prop). 

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Custom panties with your portrait

custom panties ideascustom panties ideas
Etsy, Undify

Having your face not only on your head but also… down under? Yup. Apparently, it’s one of the most popular themes for custom panties. So, if you, too, can’t get enough of that gorgeous visage of yours (or want to make sure your bae isn’t messing around, you can create an all-over-print design on your SO’s boxers with your face on it. On IT), have a good quality portrait on your hands, upload it to our Mockup Generator and print away, you freak (we still love you, though).  

4. Custom panties with a Celebrity/ Meme

Etsy, MaybeThisPair

The world’s most famous buttocks, of course, belong to Kim K… but maybe it’s because the world hasn’t seen your magnificent hiney. Make your rear shine on Kim’s expense and put her (or any celebrity crush of yours) face on your southernmost point. 

Disclaimer: Just as you wouldn’t want your creative work stolen, please make sure the graphics/images you choose to use are either open source, copyright-free or that you have the required permissions to avoid copyright infringement.

5. Valentine’s Day custom panties

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re out of ideas what to give your significant other this year, or they have vetoed chocolate hearts or makeout sesh’ coupons,  take a look at these romantic panties – they make for a perfect Valentine’s day gift for all the lovers out there!

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6. Custom wedding panties

Etsy, BeMineMatchingoutfit

Ah, weddings. Who doesn’t love a good wedding, am I right? Weddings with all the planning, preparation, drunken aunts and uncles, can be a real pain in the tush. Speaking of which  – amidst all the stress, the happy couple can have some serious fun with their custom panties. On Etsy, there’s quite a spread when it comes to wedding briefs for both involved parties.

Funny, kinky, very NSFW, cute and lovely custom panties – there’s something for everyone. From adorably trashy trailer park motives to elegant, minimalistic underpants, to matching briefs for him and her. But if you can think you can do better, go ahead and create designs that will take over the wedding industry, for the market for custom wedding underwear is huge! 

Custom panties for a Bride

Etsy, ThePrinted WeddingCo

We’ve all seen the lacy, silky, rhinestone-covered bridal custom panties. Let’s be honest: they’re a bit tacky and boring. There are so many fun and cheeky design options to showcase the bride’s enthusiasm for marriage commitment and for The Night itself.

Custom panties for a Groom

Etsy, WeddingGiftFun

Boys are boys and always will be. So the tendency for the groom and his men is to go with a humorous motif. 

I also love the idea of creating a keepsake – boxer briefs with a wedding date stamped on. 

7. Kinky custom panties

Etsy, WeddingGiftFun

Oh, panties, u funny. Etsy is full of custom panties and boxers with kinky prints on them like “I licked it so it’s mine, ” “This butt is not gonna slap itself”, “Things to do: [insert a person’s name here],” etc.

Etsy, PlayfulPineappleStore

If you, too, are a smartass and can come up with sassy wordplays, you better start designing your own line of undergarments and earn a top dollar. 

To sum it up

Etsy is one of the most easy-to-use marketplaces out there, plus Printify offers seamless integration so all you need to do is come up with great designs and upload to our Mockup Generator. So, go ahead, as you can see – in the custom panty market almost anything goes! Put your clever ideas to good use and start earning money by covering other people’s bottoms in awesome designs!

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