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Top 6 Best Live Streaming WordPress Themes for 2020

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Top 6 Best Live Streaming WordPress Themes for 2020

Ben SibleyBen SibleyBen Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

Live streaming is huge right now.

While there are a few platforms to choose from to host your streams, there are great reasons to post your streams on your own site too.

First of all, sites like Twitch and Youtube can change the rules whenever they want. Sending traffic to your website lets you grow your site instead of theirs.

Second, you have way more control over your brand. You get to decide exactly what the site looks like, how comments are handled, etc.

And lastly, you can make a lot more money. If people visit your site to watch your stream, you can also include ads around the video, promote product reviews and affiliate offers, and you can even advertise your own merchandise shop (also on your site).

If you plan on being a professional streamer, an effective WordPress theme for streaming will drastically improve your financial success and chance to go full-time.

For more themes, visit our video gallery themes and general video WordPress themes.

Live streaming WordPress themes

While there are standalone WordPress streaming plugins for hosting your stream on your site, it’s recommended you use a platform like Twitch, Facebook, or Youtube because of the stability and reliability. You will also get some traffic naturally from their platforms.

You can embed live streams from any of those platforms on your own site using one of the themes listed below, and this will help you build a more profitable, “owned” audience of viewers.

Here are my top picks for best live streaming WordPress themes for 2020.

  • 1. Vlog by meks (Themeforest)

    Vlog video themeVlog video themeVlog video theme

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    Theme Description

    Vlog is a top-selling theme for video websites and you’ll be able to tell right away why.

    Vlog has original and gorgeous layouts that not only work great but also perform well. The theme is fun to browse and doesn’t distract visitors with superfluous design elements – it’s all about the video!

    If you’re wondering how to use this theme for live streaming, it’s simple. Instead of pasting in the URL of a video you want to embed, you just paste in the link to the live stream. You’ll need to publish your stream with another site like Youtube, but getting it to display on your own site couldn’t be simpler.

    The default layout you see in the screenshot above is beautiful, but there are a lot of options available. That goes for the posts and video archive pages too. If you’ve been on Youtube for a while you’ll also appreciate the importing feature which allows you to quickly populate your site with your existing videos.

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  • 2. VideoPro by Cactus Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    VideoPro is the most flexible and customizable video theme of all time. Not only is a great choice for both personal and community-based websites, it can also work well for streaming. It does all things video well!

    With VideoPro you can simply add a URL from one of many video sites to auto-embed it on your site. Of course, this works with sites like Youtube and Vimeo, but it works wonderfully for embedding live streams too. You can add a link to a secure Youtube, Facebook, or Twitch live stream and display it flawlessly on your site which makes this an excellent theme for Youtube channels.

    Thanks to its integration with BuddyPress, members will be able to create social accounts and interact with each other on your site. This beyond commenting to include direct messaging, customizable profiles, and live notifications on the site. As you can tell from the video gallery layout, VideoPro does well with large communities and quantities of content.

    While you are likely more interested in the live streaming implementation, there are loads of other practical video features included in Video Pro. These include video playlists, video series, channels, and numerous different layouts.

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  • 3. Motiovix by TemplateMonster

    Motiovix video streaming themeMotiovix video streaming themeMotiovix video streaming theme

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    Theme Description

    Motiovix is a light theme for video streaming websites. If you frequently publish video content, the magazine-like design of this video theme will work excellently for your site.

    The Motiovix theme includes a nice variety of customization options. You can choose from six different header styles, change the colors, switch fonts, and add a custom background image. For MailChimp users, you’ll love the integrated options to build your list with built-in optin forms in Motiovix.

    On top of the customization features, Motiovix comes with Ecwid support for building an eCommerce store on your site and a handful of custom widgets for adding things like social icons and sliders throughout your site. While Motiovix does include a large number of style options, the installation wizard will keep the whole process lean and easy to complete.

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  • 4. PixieHuge by Pixie Squad (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    PixieHuge is geared towards gamers who stream although it doesn’t necessarily have to be used exclusively for gaming. If you like the aesthetic, this streaming theme can work just as well for any niche.

    All of that said, gamers will have an advantage with the PixieHuge theme because of its additional niche-specific features. Beyond hosting live streams of yourself playing, you can also use it to stream live gaming tournaments. In fact, you can organize and run entire tournaments straight from your website with PixieHuge. It lets you create teams with full player profiles, set up matches, promote sponsors, and award achievements to winners.

    PixieHuge has a distinct style, but there are some options to customize how it looks. Namely, you can change the color, reorder sections on its pages, and select from one of a few pre-defined skins to get started fast.

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  • 5. GoodGame by Planetshine (Themeforest)

    GoodGame themeGoodGame themeGoodGame theme

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    Theme Description

    While PixieHuge is more focused on streaming gaming tournaments, GoodGame is more of a content site. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to review games and also stream themselves playing. In addition, you can also create a community and let members publish their streams on your site.

    Community aspects aside, this is a really good theme for someone looking to create a profitable website in the gaming space. The review system is customizable and beautifully made, and reviews are one of the best ways to earn as an affiliate. Include some ads on your site and your Twitch stream and you’ve got a well-monetized site on your hands! Not to mention, GoodGame integrates fully with WooCommerce which allows you to add a complete merchandise store.

    GoodGame is hugely flexible due to its built-in customization options and bundled plugins. It includes the Visual Composer plugin ($34 value) and Mega Menu ($40). These plugins will allow you create completely custom page templates and beautiful mega menus for enhanced navigation.


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  • 6. goWatch by Touch Size (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    goWatch is a cool new theme for video sites. The Vlogger demo site is featured in the screenshot above, but you can build a video community website with this premium theme too.

    Use goWatch not just to live stream, but also to publish all of your edited videos and previous streams. While you may want to send visitors to your Youtube or Twitch channel for up-to-the-minute coverage, goWatch is a great theme for creating an archive of your video content.

    This customizable video theme comes with tons of features you need to make a video portal site. Besides having all the functionality required to let users upload and display their own videos, you can extensively customize goWatch for your own use. There are image sliders, animated effects, modern mosaic thumbnail layouts, and unlimited color options

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Which live streaming theme is best for you?

Vlog is an all-around excellent theme for video websites and handles live streaming flawlessly. If you are an individual streamer, it’s going to work great for you.

VideoPro may be intimidating due to the vast number of features and the number of videos you can showcase. While it can work well for individuals, it really shines when used for communities.

The customizable Motiovix theme is a great choice for video creators that publish frequently.

Next, PixieHuge and GoodGame both cater to the gaming industry, but they have their differences. Use PixieHuge if you want to broadcast gaming tournaments and opt for GoodGame if you’re more interested in streaming and publishing news and review posts.

Lastly, the multi-faceted goWatch theme can be used for either an individual vlog or community video site. It handles streaming well and is quite customizable too.

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