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Things to sell on Etsy – 10 profitable product ideas

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Things to sell on Etsy – 10 profitable product ideas

So, you’re thinking about taking the plunge and starting an online business of things to sell on Etsy? It’s an exciting moment – looking down an avenue of possibility where you’re the one making the decisions, taking control, and yes, earning the lion’s share of all profits.

All in all, now is a prime time to get in on the thriving eCommerce economy. The ecosystem is strong, new technologies are making ventures more accessible, and there are even ways for people to get in the game without putting money down. Etsy currently has more than 60 million listed products for its over 54 million registered users. 

If you need a little inspiration to start a business of things to sell on Etsy, check out some of our success stories here. Or, if you’d like a more detailed description of how to sell things on Etsy, please see our how-to guide.

The right model to sell things on Etsy

right model to sell things on etsyright model to sell things on etsy

If you happen to have a storage unit (garage, warehouse, etc.) full of things to sell on Etsy, terrific. However, most people need a jumping-off point where they can get access to products that can be sold for profit. The problem here is that getting a stockpile together can be an expensive undertaking.

The solution: Printify. It’s a simple and effective method that can get anyone off the ground, even if they don’t have investment money lying around. To put it simply, all someone has to do is sign up and create their own online store. The best part is that Printify is entirely up-front investment free. 

Having mentioned that, there is always the option to get into Printify Premium.

Premium slashes all production costs by a staggering 20%. This can be used to directly increase profit margins, or to decrease overall selling prices. 

However, merchants usually start out by doing the free version, then level themselves up once business takes off.

Without further ado, let’s get into some fantastic, lucrative examples of things to sell on Etsy.

10 things to sell on Etsy

1. Bags

Everyone loves a good bag. They’re profoundly useful; accessory fashion pieces, a practical option for transporting (and protecting) smaller items, and even acting as a potential starting point for accumulating a whole set or series of products – if there’s a collection angle going there. 

Printify offers a ton of variations of bags when it comes to things to sell on Etsy: We’ve got totes, weekenders, drawstrings, and even duffle bags for heavy duty mobility – each customizable within their printing area. There’s also an all-over-print tote, if your designs just can’t be contained. For those wondering what to sell on Etsy, look no further than these bags. 

2. Fanny packs

things to sell on etsy fanny packsthings to sell on etsy fanny packs

While some people believe that 80s fashion trends are coming back, others know that they’ve never really abandoned us. Custom fanny packs are a timeless fusion between an easily accessible extra pocket and a bold statement to anyone who believes that roller skates aren’t hip. Come on, pack a customer’s fanny in one of these clean little extra pocket pieces, its a great thing to sell on Etsy.

3. Stickers

These little guys sell way more than one might think. Beyond resonating with fond memories for just about everyone’s inner child, they make it so easy to transform an otherwise ordinary setting into a personalized hub unique to a particular owner. 

No matter if a consumer’s thing is star charts, planetary alignment orchestration, cartoon pantheons, sports legends, whatever – make your own stickers, put them up anywhere legal.

4. Poly Scarf

things to sell on etsy poly scarfthings to sell on etsy poly scarf

Somewhat transparent, the poly scarf serves as a light accessory, baseline neck warmer, and ideal thing to sell on Etsy. Perfect for a trip anywhere – from beaches, the city, to a walk in the park. This incredibly customizable item is a brilliant accoutrement to any outfit.

Furthermore, scarfs are an incredibly popular item on Etsy. While there are always ups and downs, the average cost is slightly above $30, giving huge profit margins to those that capitalize on their trending popularity. 

5. Mugs

Is any kitchen complete without a sizable mug collection? Opening just about any cupboard and examining the drinking utensils of a household gives some fairly accurate insight into just what those people are into; cats, karate, maybe vintage cars. 

Regardless of what someone’s favorite mug is, we’ve got ‘em all: Lattes, stainless steel with spill-safe lids, standard 11oz, big-boy 15oz, timeless ceramic, even heart-shaped handled. Customize to a customer’s wildest dreams as you court the opinions and wallets of the public. Regardless of how someone enjoys a coffee, tea, or even the occasional not-so-glass of wine – mugs are so much more than a cup with a handle – they’re a great thing to sell on Etsy. 

6. Spiral notebook

spiral notebooks to sell on etsyspiral notebooks to sell on etsy

If a customer can read a product description, it’s very probable that they have the capacity to write as well. After all, why shouldn’t they get some of their thought-provoking musings down into a customized spiral notebook that fits their personality perfectly? Make a killing using notebooks as your thing to sell on Etsy. 

Even if someone isn’t planning on starting a career in stand-up comedy, slam poetry, or adult-romantic science fiction anytime soon, this could be the time for those first few tentative steps. 

7. Greeting cards

things to sell on etsy greeting cardsthings to sell on etsy greeting cards

Hello to you, too. Cards are great because they’re so applicable. It’s the work of a moment to leverage a super popular meme, trend, or binge-worthy series onto a card and make some profits on this profitable thing to sell on Etsy. 

While there’s nothing wrong with the card section of a local post office, those standard-issue selections rarely identify seamlessly with the person they’ll be sent to. Online formatting makes it way easier to find the perfect card for an eccentric grandpa’s 69th birthday, aunt May’s vegan baby shower, or even little Timmy’s bar mitzvah. 

8. Backpacks

Even when school isn’t in session, backpacks are an incredibly useful tool for moving things around comfortably. From campus to the courts, or the workplace to home, the idea of slinging weight over the back instead of carrying by hand has been around since before Sir Issac Newton formulated how gravity makes a backpack full of textbooks so darn heavy. 

Take a gander at our selection of school, unisex casual, classic, fabric, and the aptly named ‘backpack’ backpack. Slap a design on, and send a customer’s kids to class with a little more sass than they’ve ever had before – an ideal thing to sell on Etsy.

9. Custom pin buttons

things to sell on etsy pinsthings to sell on etsy pins

Another easy option for those wondering how to sell on Etsy – the pin. It’s a solid way to make a few bucks from any popular trend – or maybe even by introducing some counter culture – the pin button is a timeless way to support a local political candidate, show some gratitude for the war heros returning home, spread awareness for an upcoming blood drive, and so much more.

10. Canvas

Any apartment, house, or living situation just isn’t complete without something on the walls. While the people of the world may inevitably disagree on what exactly makes good art, we all appreciate beauty in some form or another. They’re a great thing to sell on Etsy because they’re so prevalent. 

These box-style canvas gallery wraps transform an otherwise boring wallspace into a remarkable display opportunity. Tap into all consumer’s fundamental needs by offering exactly what the brain’s amygdala already knows it wants: aesthetic beauty.

And after all, whatever’s on the wall says a lot about the person that lives under it. 

Why bother selling things on Etsy?

things to sell on etsy mobilethings to sell on etsy mobile

The overall idea is reaching a wider audience online than would be possible through a traditional brick-and-mortar storefront.

Additionally, the action of setting up a digitized  storefront saves merchants a ton of money that would otherwise be spent on renting a physical location, producing physical goods, paying staff salaries, managing insurance, etc. 

Etsy has a somewhat similar vibe to walking through a local farmer’s market, rather than entering a massive chain store. In fact, this communal, somewhat crunchy feel is one of the primary drivers of Etsy traffic. It’s a small town, neighborly feel rather than the David-and-Goliath dynamic of entering a singularly branded environment. The effort is effective, with estimates of over 39 million active purchases in 2019 alone.

Anyone seeking to start a business of various things to sell on Etsy is that Etsy is a marketplace, not a platform. The difference between the two is that, in a marketplace, a merchant’s goods will be displayed alongside similar items from other producers. On the flip side, within a platform, the entire inventory of a store will belong to an individual merchant. 

The new(er) Etsy

All companies inevitably make adjustments to their business formulas, aims, efforts, and procedures. As such, Etsy has made some significant jumps within the past few months – with two in particular that new users should take note of: Advertising and shipping.

  • Firstly, Etsy merchants are now responsible for paying for some marketing activity via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. These upfront costs will be reflected in off-site advertising with the goal of fueling traffic, awareness, and purchases. 
  • Second, Etsy is encouraging free shipping practices for customers while maintaining shipping rates for sellers. This practice is geared toward repeat business, rather than singular buys. 

Why Printify pairs well with Etsy

printify free resourcesprintify free resources

Instead of investing a bunch of time and money into physically making products, then hoping those manifested items are purchased by customers, Printify merchants only build a digital model. So, all of a merchant’s products will be available only through online formats – a route that totally circumvents the traditional create-and-hope-for-sales model that some merchants rely on for things to sell on Etsy.

In other words the model circumvents the investment cost of building physical products. Everything is facilitated through a hybrid strategy between the print-on-demand blueprint and the drop-shipping method.

Etsy occupies the same digital territory as players as eBay, etc. So, if a merchant wishes, they can connect their Printify merchandise with more than one eCommerce outlet.

Keeping Etsy inventory current with profitable trends 

The ebbs and flows of public opinion are fickle. Even with a brilliant, efficient business model, customers still need to be attracted to a given product – sentiment that may fade in a week or so; products based on memes, shows, cultural events, etc. 

Enter the Printify mockup generator. The tool’s capacity to customize products empowers merchants with the flexibility to update, add, or remove their inventory regularly.

After getting into the generator, any prospective (or active) merchant can begin designing their own digital stockpiles of goods for things to sell on Etsy.

It’s easy to move on from the 10 things to sell on Etsy listed above. Printify offers almost 300 ‘blank’ products that can all be printed, upsold, cross-sold, or introduced as part of a collection of things to sell on Etsy.

If something is trending, jump on it. The beauty here is that, with a digital inventory, everything and anything can be tweaked in a few minutes to better align with the whimsical preferences of the masses.

Go for it

All in all, if you’re thinking of starting a business selling things on Etsy, now is a great time to get started. Signups are fast, profits are vast, and Printify is there to help fill in all the gaps of how to sell on Etsy. Working together, the idea of a lucrative future is very possible – either as your side hustle or a full-time gig. 

Get started today, with the Printify and Etsy integration. It takes what can be a lengthy, time-consuming process of generating things to sell on Etsy and turns it into an enjoyable, lucrative adventure.

Make it happen right now.

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