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The Holiday Guide

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The Holiday Guide

There is a lot of fuss around Holiday Season – for a very good reason. Regardless of the outside temperature dropping down, it’s a hot season for buyers and sellers alike. We’ve prepared this Holiday Guide to help you identify your ecommerce store opportunities and to remind you of necessary actions to be taken in order to get the most of them and maximize your sales.

We have prepared three resources that will help you to get ready for your Holiday Sales, including Calendar, product search trends, getting your store ready, what strategies do other merchants use and more.

What are you going to find in our Holiday Guide?
  • Getting ready for your holiday sales, planning products
  • Information about each Holiday celebration
  • Holiday Calendar and Order Deadlines
  • Preparing your store
  • Special offers
  • Email campaigns
  • Social Media & Ad Campaigns
  • Last tips on the road

$91 billion spent in online stores during Holiday Season in 2016

It’s impressive, right? Now let’s take a step back and go through the highlights of the Holiday Season, trying to put a finger on what your angle on every occasion is, as an ecommerce store owner. 

Getting started to get ready

Please check our Holiday Calendar to see the Holiday dates and shipping deadlines. Or even better – don’t just check it, set it as a screensaver, print and glue it on the fridge, draw it on the wall… You will need it for the next 2 months.


Preparing for the Holiday sales consists of A LOT of things, one of them – preparing visuals. In case you don’t have your personal design resources or getting a freelancer to design all your planned Holiday banners is too expensive, use Canva.com offering hundreds of variations of each banner type that you might need in all the required dimensions for each channel, and you can choose ready templates.

What to sell?

Being a business professional you want to know more about the demand for each product category. Below we analyze changes in Google Search trends during November and December for some product categories.

Coffee Mugs have always been a loved Christmas gift, so it’s no surprise Google searches go up for this product on November and December. Printify Catalog offers two different Coffee Mugs – 11oz and 15oz – see our video review on coffee mugs. Add a little bit more unique touch to this and sell also Stainless Steel Travel Mugs – see our video review on travel mugs.

Selling Holiday pillows to your customers either as cozy decorations or gifts for family and friends. The Printify Catalog offers two different pillows cases – Spun Polyester and Faux Suede, as well as two different pillows – Spun Polyester and Faux Suede.

The warmest gift of them all – the Printify Sherpa Fleece Blanket. You can see our video product review on our YouTube channel to find out all about it.

What else is there to sell? Explore our Product Catalog of 200+ products to see all the options and have print on demand drop shipping fulfillment for your holiday sales.

Get a collection of custom products perfectly suited for gifts for your holiday print on demand drop shipping fulfilment: 

Poly Scarves

AOP Leggings

Coffee Mugs

Hardboard Coasters

Slim Phone Cases – iPhone 8 & iPhone X

Tough Phone Cases – iPhone 8 & iPhone X 

AOP Cut & Sew Tee

AOP American Apparel Tee

AOP Sports Jersey

Check and update your store

You might have a lot of crazy good ideas about Holiday improvements for your store, however, first things first. Start by checking all the necessary basic updates to make sure everything runs smoothly before traffic rises. Look back at all the technical feedback you might have received in the past few months, clean your house before decorating.

Have a look at your products. Go through a simple checklist to make sure all the information is up to date.

  • Are all of your products still produced?
  • Should any products be updated with new colors?
  • Are all prices correct?
  • Any seasonal products you did not plan to offer this winter?
  • Some of them could use a fresh description – or a catchy new name?

Last but not least – add your new designs and Holiday themed products. When you are sure all is in good order, move to the next step.

So far so good – you have a nice insight into celebrations and product search trends, your store has been checked. Let’s get into the details of how to market your merchandise this Holiday season – check out our Holiday Marketing Guide


Time during Holiday Season waits for no one. Have a one last look at the Holiday Calendar  and Holiday Marketing Guide to better organize your activities. 

Keep in mind the deadlines for orders – if your customers want to receive their packages before Christmas, you should inform them about these dates.

We hope you are in control of the processes and have it all figured out by now. But don’t despair if you haven’t – take a deep breath, put pen to paper (or turn on your laptop) and let your ideas flow freely. Brainstorming with your colleagues, friends and family can be really valuable. Write down all the ideas, even the most crazy and utopian ones, not worrying about logic or order. Then take a break and try to find some structure and meaning – refer to this Holiday Guide to help you organize. And your Holiday Season action plan will appear right there.

Three, two, one… Go! It might seem like a long list of things to do, but at the end of the day (read – the end of the year) it will be worth it.

Happy holidays!

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