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The best white label products for 2020

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The best white label products for 2020

The term ‘white label’ evokes a feeling of excitement and intrigue among designers and merchants. But why, and what can white label products do to launch your business to the next level?

While big brands still dominate the marketplace, smaller independent brands are becoming ever more popular. The truth is, anyone, can now create their own brand online and start selling to their niche in only a few minutes. Consumer behavior is now less about the brand name and more about the brand message.  

For many merchants, the big question is where do I find white label products and just how much can I customize them? The answer is simple. White label products are everywhere, but finding good providers is an art form, one that the team at Printify has perfected. 

We will take a look at some of the best white label products for 2020, as well as look at the pros and cons of both branded and white label products.

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What are white-label products?

For any bedroom DJ’s out there who remember playing vinyl records, there was a term ‘white label’ that would get everyone very excited. It would mean that a new track has been released on a very limited number, thus giving you an advantage over other DJ’s on the circuit. When a white label vinyl landed in your hands, you knew you were one of the lucky few to try it before the record would go mainstream. 

Another way to look at white label products is in effect a mass-produced item that is used by many brands, who in turn add their designs and sell under their own label or brand name. It’s not uncommon for providers to sell the same t-shirt blank to both high-end brands and a small online retailer, the only difference is the high-end brands typically have more budget to promote and sell their brand to the consumer. 

White label products can be anything from t-shirts to coffee cups, the only thing they have in common is the fact that the product is not unique until you add your designs. Which is why Printify is such a great platform for anyone looking to build their brand online.

Who is buying white label products?

You might be surprised to learn that white label products are very popular with both Millenials and Gen Z. Why? They buy into brand messaging, they also like to be part of a movement, especially where fashion and trends are involved. For many, it’s less about the product and more about the people, the community and the actions of a brand that encourage them to buy. 

For example, a merchant who promises to plant 1 tree for every product sold, is more likely to connect with their audience, than a brand that cares only about the product. This is why merchants with Printify are always encouraged to think of ways to form a relationship with their customers – this usually translates into sales and repeat business.

Researching your white label products

Research is a key element in choosing the right products for your store. With so many resources available to you it can be a little overwhelming, so we have done some of the hard work for you, addressing some of the main challenges you might face.

White label products vs custom made products

For any merchant looking to build a new brand, a white label is not only the best option, but it’s also the most affordable. As your brand develops and grows, you may also start looking into getting your products custom made, however, this comes with a number of challenges that many people aren’t aware of. 

White label products are ready to go, pretty much off the shelf, whereas a custom made product can take months to prepare. You have a long list of additional costs, from tooling to testing, supply chain problems and other elements that can kill a brand before it gets started. 

One of the advantages of white label products is that the tooling has already been done, the supply chain is already in place and most of all, the costs are fixed and probably the lowest they can be for that particular product.

White label products vs private label products

This is a comparison that you will see the most during your research. Private labeling is a good option if you’re ready to carry stock of products but not quite ready to go totally custom made. Typically, private-label products are sourced from a manufacturer and then sold exclusively. 

White label products are produced by a manufacturer for multiple retailers, both with physical and online stores. The difference is only very slight between the two and can be quite easily misinterpreted.

What about labels and branding on the product?

Merchants often ask about the labels that are sewn onto garments or provider labels that might be on white label products. Let’s take a look at a few types of labels that you will come across when using Printify providers.

Sewn-in label

This means that the provider’s label will be sewn into the garment, in the case of our women’s crew neck sweatshirt by Gildan. The provider’s label will be visible to the client, this is very common for white-label products.

Tear away label

The label is made from a thin paper-like material that tears away from the garment or product without damaging it. In the case of white-label products, it will be down to the client to remove the label, once this is done there is no further branding from the provider on the product. 

Custom print label

A great opportunity to really customize your brand and products. Print your own label on the inside of the garment, once the tear-away label is removed only your custom printed label remains. This is not so common with white-label products as it requires more customization than usual, here is one example on our Alstyle Women’s Missy Tee.


This is a merchant’s next best option after custom printed labels. The item is delivered with no tags or labels, for example, our Women’s Cut & Sew Casual Leggings. Our providers will print your designs and then ship to your customer with no branding at all.

What about shipping labels and packaging?

delivery guy with boxdelivery guy with box

Printify is a white-label service, which means that we do not rebrand or place our branding on any packaging, products or labels. In truth, if you really want to stand out in the marketplace, you should consider updating your shipping labels – yes Printify allows you to add your store name and shipped from address, adding an extra level of customization to your shipping experience.

Printify white label packagingPrintify white label packaging

The best white label products to sell in 2020

Now we have covered what white label products are, the best ways to customize your white label products and even how to customize your shipping labels. It’s time to look at 20 of the best white-label products to add to your store in 2020. 

These products are in hot demand this year and trends show they will only get more popular as the year progresses. From custom phone cases to all over print activewear, there is a white label product that fits your store. 

Stainless steel water bottle

water bottle as a white label productwater bottle as a white label product

As the world tries to reduce the amount of plastic waste, more of us are turning to eco-friendly alternatives for carrying food and liquid. Adding a customized white-label water bottle to your store, not only shows that you are thinking about the environment but also that your brand message is a positive one.

Phone cases

white label phone casewhite label phone case

White label phone cases are another great product to add to your store. As phones get more expensive, there is a greater need to protect them with awesome looking cases. Choose from snap cases to Flexi cases, all come unbranded and ready for your customization. With so many phone models on the market, Printify has done the hard work in selecting the most popular models for you.

AOP leggings

white label leggingswhite label leggings

There are few better ways to customize white-label products than by using all over print. Leggings are one such item of clothing that tick this box perfectly. Coming with no labels or tags, by the time you have added your custom designs to this product, your customers will only be talking about your brand.

Beach towel

white label beach towelwhite label beach towel

How many towels have you come across that look exactly the same? From each hotel to every spa you visit, each towel looks basically the same…This is a great example of white label products. But that doesn’t mean your beach towels need to follow the same boring trend. Add some color and personality to your beach towels for a product that will set your customers apart on a crowded beach.

Flip flops

white label flip flopswhite label flip flops

What good is a trip to the beach, or a holiday without flip flops? Another very popular product for our merchants, flip flops are another product that although made by the millions, can be designed to suit a small niche of customers.  Proving that white label products don’t need to be the same by the time the customer receives them.

Custom Pin Badges

pin buttons white labelpin buttons white label

A collectors dream, who’d have thought that white label pin badges could ever become as popular as they are. Bridging all age groups and never going out of fashion, white-label pin badges are a cost-effective, fun and very clever way to promote your brand. Perfect for everything from birthday badges to fashion statement accessories, this low-cost white label product could be a great little extra for your store.

Watch Band

white label watch bandwhite label watch band

With the rise of mobile phone cases, accessorizing your apple watch is a logical next step. In a world of white label products, this watch band is perhaps one of the lesser-known products, and this is to your advantage. Create some real eye-catching designs that will compliment all apple watch series (1,2,3,4 and 5) this is white-label with a splash of exclusivity.

Baby and infant clothing

white label baby clothingwhite label baby clothing

A multi-billion dollar industry, and one that relies heavily on white label products. Most baby clothing is white-label, which gives you the chance to produce some really fun, cute designs that your customers will love. For many parents, the baby and infant clothing market is an area they let loose with the purse strings, typically buying new items on a monthly if not weekly basis.

Tote bags & reusable bags

white label AOP tote bagswhite label AOP tote bags

A trend that is set to continue for 2020 is reusable bags. Tote bags are the perfect white label product. All you need to think about is what makes yours different from the rest? You will need to come up with some catchy designs, slogans, and patterns that will have your customers doing their bit for the planet and looking good at the same time.

Pet bed

white label pet bedwhite label pet bed

We can’t leave out man’s best friend from all the fun. Customers like to spend money on their pets, so why not design a range of delightful white label ped beds? Customers are constantly looking for ways to personalize their pet products, from collars to jackets and now lucky for your customers, ped beds.

Notebooks and school supplies

white label notebookwhite label notebook

You can’t get much more white-label than journals and stationary. That’s the reason they make such a great addition to your store. Did you know that the sale of notebooks and journals is actually on the rise…Despite living in an increasingly digital world, there is still a need for stationary, and you had better be sure that customers are looking for some of the best designed stationary on the market.

Pros and cons of white label products?

While it’s easy for us to sit here and say how amazing white label products are, the truth is there are both pros and cons. Fortunately, the pros outweigh the cons, but it would only be fair of us to address the cons so that you as a merchant have all the information you need. 

As we have been busy telling you how great white label products are, we will start with some cons to this method, before finishing off with some of the best things about white label products.


No control over the manufacturing process

for many this is the biggest drawback to using white label products. Merchants are at the mercy of the manufacturer, both in terms of quality and supply of the products. 

Imagine a scenario where you have 50 orders to fill and the provider suddenly decides not to manufacture the item any longer. This can cause your brand serious problems, and although this is rare, it can happen. 

No brand equity

Using white label products does not help your brand to really build any equity as a business. Because you don’t own anything, other than a website, it’s harder to scale your store and build up capital in the business. In truth, for many merchants, this is not a problem, however, it’s something to seriously consider when you start to get more and more orders.  

Slightly more expensive than private label

It might seem a little backward, but buying white label products can work out more expensive than buying private labels. The reason for this is because when you buy privately you are effectively buying directly from the manufacturer, allowing you to negotiate rates and terms. 

This is a more involved process, but for brands that want more control over their products, its the most obvious way forward.


Products have been tested already

If a product is being white-labeled, there is a very good chance that it’s been tried and tested by some of the industry’s biggest players. This is good news for you as a merchant, it means that the product is ready to go to market and that most of the supply chain issues have been resolved. If a t-shirt brand is white labeling their product, it most likely means that they have quality control correct, the fit is right and the colors are the ones most likely to sell. 

Think of white label products as items that have already been approved by the industry, the big brands are already using the products and selling them to their customers, all you need to do is join them.

It’s speedy

Due to the nature of white label products, the manufacture and supply are fast. This means getting your products in the hands of your customers is also fast, and everyone loves quick delivery. With Printify, your products are shipped by the provider, direct to your customer, which means that production and shipping speeds are as fast as possible, sometimes in as little as 3 days. 

Boosts visibility of your brand

All merchants love to see their brand grow, usually, the thing that stops them is not being seen, or found by customers. White label products can help, how? Well, for a start you are going to be using the same blanks as some of the industry’s biggest players, this means that you can be confident in the product you are selling. It also means that you can be one of the first sellers to offer new colors, fits, shapes, and products as you learn more about the industry. 

Look at Printify for example, we are constantly adding new products, working with new providers who can deliver faster, improving brand awareness and more importantly, brand loyalty. 

Make it happen right now.

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