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Station Inspiration – Summer Occasions 2019

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You must make hay when the sun shines, as they say…and there’s a lot of hay to be made this summer. Gift occasions provide you with opportunities to offer designs to cater to those holidays or events. Be sure to mark them in your calendar and organize your Showroom accordingly!

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Chasing the dime after Christmas poses a few challenges, but people are still looking for gifts on a variety of occasions. And since a fast nickel is better than a slow one, your designs can make the difference when it comes to cashing in on those occasions.

Think designs with a “hippie” appeal for festivals or “heart-melting slogans” for Mother’s Day. It’s your turn to make hay while the sun’s a mainstay!

These are your summer occasions:

Occasion Date
International Women’s Day 03/08/2019
Cinco de mayo 05/05/2019
Festival Season 05/01 – 08/31/2019
Mother’s Day 5/12/2019
Children’s Day 06/01/2019
Father’s Day 06/16/2019
First Day of School 08/19/2019
Tour de France 07/06 – 07/28/2019
World Kids‘ Day 09/20/2019

And, of course, there are many occasions in other countries that you can capitalize on. Have a look online to see what and when other countries celebrate.

Please bear in mind that different occasions ask for different products. While Mother’s Day asks for accessory products like mugs and pillowcases, high school grads would want nothing but a hoodie on their special day.

Can you think of other important occasions we forgot to mention? When do you sell the most? Please let us know in the comments!

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