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Spreadshirt Marketplace Year in Review

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It was a successful 2018 at Spreadshirt, and this was primarily thanks to you! Let’s take a quick peek at some of our highlights over the past year!

Monthly Design Contest

We had 11 design contests in 2018 (not including our ongoing “Food” contest), and we relied on your participation for each of these competitions. Thanks again, and tune in for even more contests in 2019!

We’ve listed each of the winners below:

Designers of the Month

Our Spreadshirt designers have insights and tips that only these active individuals could provide. We’ve had an ongoing Designers of the Month series over the past year, with each interview offering a unique perspective.

Introducing Posters

We’ve taken our product catalogue to a whole new level with the release of posters. Join in on the fun and help your customers dress their walls!

Showroom Topics

You can now highlight your most popular designs! Thanks to the inclusion of “topics” in your showroom, you can organize designs into relevant groupings.

Language-Based Publishing

Designers now have an opportunity to showcase their designs to a wider audience thanks to our language-based publishing. Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the various language combinations!

Product Creation

You now have complete control over your available products. We revised our product-creation process, allowing you to easily adapt designs on each product.

Set Default Product Colors

You now have the ability to define the default product colors in one click. Previously, this task needed to be completed manually, so this update should save you plenty of valuable time!


Our new templates allow you to automate steps such as product and color selection. You can also position and scale your products’ designs with ease!

Spreadshirt Forum

Our forum has seen some drastic updates since it was first introduced in late 2017. We’ve improved

  • The differentiation between Marketplace and Shop topics
  • Moderation on specific topics
  • Introduction of two community moderators in the EU forum: SIMSALAPIMP and lovetee

It’s clearly been an eventful 2018 at Spreadshirt. We hope you’re looking forward to everything that’s in store for 2019!

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