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Running out of ideas for Mother’s Day? Here are 10 free designs

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Running out of ideas for Mother’s Day? Here are 10 free designs

Everyone is looking for that perfect combination of and heartwarming gift for Mother’s Day. Print on Demand is the perfect way to combine both – great products that mothers will love with custom designs that give them a personal touch. We’re going to dive right into some touching Mother’s Day gift ideas that will show your mother just how much you appreciate her.

Before we get to Mother’s Day designs, let’s do a quick overview

The average mother could expect to receive about $188 in gifts for Mother’s day, while Americans were expected to spend the most, an average of $224 for individuals between the ages of 35 and 44.

All of this spending amounts to an estimated $23.1 billion in spending on Mother’s day!

Here’s where it gets interesting for us – 31% of this money will be spent online!

That’s nearly $7 billion spent online for this holiday. While brunch, lunch and dinner are to gifts, gift cards and personal services are also in the top giving category. Most importantly for us – clothing and other goods. Clothing is a great option for a Mother’s Day gift. Additionally, 29% of purchases tend to be impulse buys – buying for your mother is difficult!

You’ve got a great opportunity to slide into this holiday and present a great product that will scratch that impulsive itch – with the right design!

We are giving free design pack from Fluffyartstudio

Use these lovingly crafted designs to create stunning and clear Mother’s Day products.

TOP 7 products merchants are using to boost sales for Mother’s Day

Poly Scarf

The easy and simple clothing accessory that comes amazing design potential, this scarf could be the key to a divine outfit for your mother. Help a mother impress her friends with a flowing gift that allows her to show off to her friends just how thoughtful their children are.

Mug, 11oz

Our custom mug is the best way to put a smile on any mother’s face early in the morning – when she needs it most! Watch their heart melt.


custom pillowscustom pillows

Does your mother need some comfort now that you’re away? Why not get a custom made pillow for her to cozy up with – it’s the perfect way to support moms – worldwide.

Custom T-Shirts

Year after year, mom and family-themed apparel is some of the highest selling on Print on Demand channels. Ride the wave and put together a great campaign for some new designs that show mothers everywhere that they are loved.

Custom blankets

custom blanketscustom blankets

Looking to warm up your store’s sales for Mother’s Day? Don’t forget to check out our custom blankets!

Custom greeting cards

Say Thank You, I’m Sorry, Best Mom Ever or You Rock My World. Send a heartfelt holiday message on Mother’s Day. Personalized greeting cards are great for any occasion. Made of durable material to keep memories for longer, customize our greeting cards with quirky, witty and funny quotes and watch your sales go up today.

Accessory Pouch

Does your mom need some-place to store all of those odds and ends that keep her looking great and happy? This accessory pouch comes in small and large sizes.

Already found what you were looking for?

Make it happen right now.

Last but not least…
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8 last-minute marketing experiments for Mother’s Day sales

Who’s most likely to buy a gift for the moms in their lives? That’s right, husbands, sons, and daughters. Here are some experiments you can run to grab some quick sales as Mother’s Day approaches.

Play to the impulse

We know that Mother’s Day shoppers often purchase something impulsively. Put out messages to social media that play up the time factor

  • Last chance to shop for Mother’s Day
  • Don’t forget this year, order your Mother’s Day gift early!
  • Make mom happy and proud this year – by ordering early!

Ask for referrals from your customers – literally!

Social media is a great way to drive sales, so ask your customer and the following base to tag a late shopper for Mother’s Day so they can get ordered and rest easy!

Here’s an example:

Tag the late shopper in your life on our Mother’s Day meltdown. Make her proud this year, fellas!

Reach out Mom bloggers

Ask some mom bloggers to give you a shout out so they can save other mothers a bad Mother’s Day. Mom bloggers are great for exposure – and for the most part, do this without any kind of promotional considerations in mind.

Try releasing some stats yourself

People will buy what they believe other people are buying – especially other similar people. If 75% of your Mother’s Day sales are going to that great accessory bag you’ve just designed, why not tell people? Here’s one example:

“Our Mother’s Day Accessory bag is selling through the roof! Get yours now, and get in good with mom!”

Have you tried your hand at videos yet?

Create a video of you giving it to your own Mother and see how she reacts! Unboxing and reaction videos remain hot trends on Youtube.

Have that great t-shirt designed and up ready for sale?

Consider walking around some retail stores like Target and see if anyone reacts to it. You can even film their reactions and put it up on your site as a compilation!

What about different channels?

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become saturated, and the algorithms are increasingly difficult to crack. Your product might find a home on a network like Linkedin – where people don’t expect to see this type of content – but are definitely ready for it when it comes to their mother!

Join forums & groups

Where does your audience live? If they’re in gaming, drone, or other niche markets, get to those forums or comments sections and start reminding them about Mother’s Day – and of course – your great products!

Make it happen right now.

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