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Printify has a new fulfilment partner

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Printify has a new fulfilment partner

Inklocker success and ability to deliver is derived from their experiences originating and operating their own consumer facing  apparel business. It is because of their hands on experience that they continually strive to perfect their business based on three key metrics.

They output high quality prints with quick production turnaround time and an emphasis on social responsibility by working with local printers.

How Inklocker has become one of the leaders in the POD industry:

  • The inklocker model allows any company to easily scale DTG printing up or down.
  • Inklocker fuses together printing expertise with technology to help DTG print shops and companies that sell DTG products focus on what they do best – print or sell.
  • It is our pleasure to introduce them to you as our latest option in developing and diversifying your store.

So how does the Inklocker network work?

As orders flow in, Inklocker’s backend algorithm selects for local producers closest to the delivery address to fulfill the order. Inklocker’s local producers have a deep passion for what they do and they do so with great care and attention to detail.

Finally, by virtue of selecting for the closest local producers, orders are fulfilled using local, reliable delivery services.

What else should I know?

Inklocker’s unique approach allows companies operating globally to source and print locally.  

Motivated by their commitment to social responsibility, Inklocker ensures quality by providing their knowledge base and details about best practices for fulfilling orders. For example, which products should use pre-treatment, and which ones shouldn’t.  They love sharing their tools and tips for how to avoid costly mistakes and improve the overall production management.

With close to 100 US based fulfillment locations Inklocker brings the promise of:
  1. Fast fulfillment and Reliable delivery to end customers
  2. Very high quality DTG printing
  3. Socially responsible local production

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