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Personalized reusable grocery bags to market in 2020

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Personalized reusable grocery bags to market in 2020

Are you looking for a product to sell that almost everyone can use, and in most cases still needs to buy? Then look no further than the best reusable grocery bags! These products still have a long way to go before they get into everyone’s hands, and the best designs are still likely to win those sought after dollars!

You might be wondering the obvious: why reusable grocery bags? Reusable grocery bags are often the first step many take towards a new, environmentally-conscious “zero waste” lifestyle. They are also a product that many people currently don’t have in countries like the United States.


It is estimated that in the United States, one single-use plastic bag is used per person per household on any given day. The low end of that is a country like Denmark, that uses on average 4 plastic bags per person per year. That’s a significant difference, and one of the reasons is because of the widespread use of the best reusable grocery bags in countries like Denmark.

1. Tote Bag

Our durable everyday tote bag is one of the best reusable grocery bags that we carry. It is made from 100% cotton and is convenient one size fits all bag. This is the Tote bag that your customers will use when they’re grabbing a few day’s worth of groceries come but not huge shopping. If you’re looking for a sales boost for your store and you’re considering adding some of the best reusable grocery bags, look no further. 

It comes in multiple color options, a base white and a natural canvas like color. It also has excellent cross-stitching along with the handles, to make sure your customers get the value they expect from products on our platform. It is about 15” wide and 16.5” high, so it is ready for medium-duty shopping.

City life approved

Let’s face it, a lot of the reusable trends are being driven by people in cities, often who do not have space for the 50 or 60 plastic bags they would accumulate in their small apartments if they didn’t go reusable. If your customers live in a city or have an urban lifestyle, and go to the grocery store frequently and make smaller purchases, this is definitely the bag for that. They will love how convenient it is to roll up and put maybe even in a bag like their backpack from work, and then use it on their way home to do their daily shopping. 

2. Shopping Tote

custom tote bagscustom tote bags

The shopping tote will help your customers bring home all of their weekly needs in a stylish and strong bag! This bag is 100% cotton twill and has boxed corners. The cotton twill fabric makes for a durable bag that should last on a trip after trip to the grocery store, and the boxed corners mean a stronger bag that won’t collapse easily onto your non-squishable. It’s also eco-friendly and embroidery ready, for all of your advanced designs!

Embroidery helps to give this bag some of its quality. Another mark of quality? The cotton web handles. These are comfortable and attach to the sides of the bag, going almost three-quarters of the way down. 

custom shopping tote bagcustom shopping tote bag
Printify – Mockup Generator

We hope you get the impression: this is a great bag that will last you for years. Take a look too at the exterior pocket this canvas bag comes with. That’s great for little discount cards, your phone, or keys, without needing to carry your purse or whole wallet. Create your own!

3. AOP Tote Bag

The all-over print tote bag is one of our best reusable grocery bags simply because it is so popular. It’s made from 100% polyester it has two attractive black straps that go with nearly anything, and of course, is extremely durable and design ready. The boxed corners and black lining on the interior add to the durability that customers come to expect in a grocery bag. 

What’s worse than having a bag fall apart would be unusable when you get to the store? Nothing! That’s why we design our bags to be first and foremost durable and of course, amazing looking.  It also has reinforced stitching along the handles to make sure that you’ll be able to carry heavy loads in this tote bag for years to come. We’re proud of this bag and it’s a real stunner, we know your customers will love it too. 

4. Weekender Bag

Let’s talk a little bit about stats. The best reusable grocery bags we have are made from 100% spun cotton for extra strength and have durable handles, just like we described earlier. This t-bottom Weekender bag as a laminated interior for quick cleaning. That means any of your customer’s contents that spill or get messy are easily wiped clean for quick reuse. The t-bottom is another great time saver for your customers, it keeps the bag open and easily accessible. No more struggling to find things at the bottom of the bag and pushing the sidewalls away, the t-bottom solves that!

Of course, other than being one of our best reusable grocery bags, the Weekender has other great uses. The Weekender Bag is the answer to everyone’s question when they go on a weekend away: Where can I put all of this stuff? This is the perfect bag for you if you are trying to quickly pack for the beach, the mountains, or if you just need to get the kids to the daycare center. 

Versatile, large, and durable the Weekender bag is one of the best reusable grocery bags on our platform simply because it’s so large. If you’re shopping for a family or making a big weekend grocery trip this bag fits right in the cart snugly and securely and you can easily loaded up after your shopping is over. 

The market for the best reusable grocery bags

Let’s talk a little bit about the market for the best reusable grocery bags. This is a rapidly expanding market that grows every year. Only a few years ago was the sight of one of the best reusable grocery bags something of a novelty or rarity. Now, from farmers’ markets to grocery stores, these bags are showing up and becoming more accepted. 

The main obstacle was social acceptance and inconvenience. It is slightly less convenient to always have a grocery bag on hand. However, more and more people are making sure that these bags are in their car, backpack, or bike bag just in case they need to make that trip to the grocery store. Let’s talk a bit about how they’ve become an accessory and a statement.

Fashion Trends for best reusable grocery bags

The best reusable grocery bags are becoming a fashion statement if not a lifestyle statement for those who use them. If you regularly go to a farmer’s market or buy local goods, you’re already likely to see many reusable grocery bags. From Wicker baskets to cute picnic tables like bags and even mess, people are showing off their bags the same way they used to do with Louis Vitton and Gucci purses. Being environmentally conscious is the new artist fashion trend there is karma and those who don’t show that they are, are quickly finding themselves on the receiving end of some snide comments!

Let’s hope to avoid them with some design and fashion tips. Some have the best reusable grocery bags carry an environmental conscience, sustainable, or another cause-related theme. This is because the adoption of reusable grocery bags is still not near 100% (which is what makes it such a great sales opportunity). Those who use reusable grocery bags at the moment want to try to encourage others to do so. That means drawing attention to the fact that they’re using these bags, they’re practical and fun. 

Food-related themes

It goes a little bit without saying that food-related themes are some of the most popular designs for the best reusable grocery bags. jars of preserves fruit and bread in particular are popular patterns for store owners. This might be because reusable grocery bags can be used for nearly carrying anything, but many owners would prefer to keep them reserved as grocery bags. The same helps a little bit in making sure they don’t find their way into other uses around the house. At least that’s our theory, and that’s the reason we think food-related themes on grocery bags are so popular! 


Pattern themes are also very popular for the best reusable grocery bags. Patterns like checkers, picnic table,s or geometric shapes bring a little bit of fun to the bag but also make the bag more customized to the personality of the buyer. Your customers don’t want some bland corporate logo on their bag, the grocery store is all about food in sometimes food is about fun. You’d be surprised at how many customers try to buy items that they use every day with a cheerful little message just to make sure that when they go about their daily tasks they can get a little smile. 


Floral patterns are very popular on all of our products and enjoy popularity among many different age groups. The best reusable grocery bags are no exception, and floral patterns are extremely popular and grocery bags. If you’re looking for a safe design and have a lot of customers who appreciate florals, then this is a no brainer. Get excited and get started selling the best reusable grocery bags today with some great floral patterns. 

What is zero waste with the best reusable grocery bags? 

The market for reusable grocery bags comes from many different types of people into many different motivations, but one of the largest groups is those who practice zero waste lifestyle. So that begs the question: what is a zero-waste lifestyle? 

It’s a lifestyle that tries to reduce the amount of waste a person consumes by using fewer single-use resources like plastic bottles. Zero waste practitioners Try to eliminate waste in every area of their life, in one of the 1st and easiest is the grocery bag. 

You may have seen many different initiatives or causes lately that have talked about the harm caused by plastic straws, the use of land for food production, and the amount of plastic waste produced by humans that ends up in the ocean. While separate and distinct, someone who practices a zero-waste lifestyle is typically involved in these types of causes. 

How to sell reusable grocery bags to zero wasters

Depending on how hardcore they are, zero waste there might not be interested in purchasing a brand new item. They might even go to a secondhand store or try to make their own grocery bag out of something they have around the house. But these types of items aren’t typically as durable as a new grocery pack. One thing you might point out to a zero waster is that the more durable the item, and the longer-lasting it is, the last waste it produces. if a zero waster is making their own grocery bag and it falls apart after only a few months of use, what good was it? Perhaps that did it fabric they transformed could have been better used elsewhere, while anew and one of the best reusable grocery bags could have been purchased in used for years to come. 

Help Save Marine life 

By selling your customers the best reusable grocery bags, you will be helping to save marine wildlife. It is estimated that over 100,000 marine animals come into contact and are ultimately killed by single-use plastic waste found in lakes rivers and oceans around the world. Of course, there’s no way to know the true cost, but we know that plastic does not disintegrate and can travel thousands of miles before finding land again. This is one of the best reasons to switch to reusable grocery bags, it helps to dramatically reduce your use of plastic bags that can ultimately end up killing or trapping animals in search of food or just swimming along peacefully minding their own business. 

Care of the best reusable grocery bags

Reusable grocery bags can be magnets for bacteria. This is one of their main drawbacks and one of the main pros in using a single-use plastic bag is that they remain far cleaner. Our grocery bags can be reused man rewashed. The durability and survivability of grocery bags depend on how well they are made, and we have some of the best reusable grocery bags on the market in terms of construction. Care and maintenance are simple and usually involve just a light wash with warm soapy water to get rid of any dirt and bacteria that have built up in the bag. Each bag has care and washing instructions, so be sure to let your customers know what kind of care they should give their newly purchased best grocery buddy!

Design yours today


Today we’ve talked about all the reasons you might want to so the best reusable grocery bags in your store. It’s yeah accessory that’s exploding in popularity, and a new more environmentally conscious consumer is demanding these types of accessories. The day could be fast approaching When single used items are used sparingly in every part of the world as they are in countries like Denmark. We won’t know the exact date, but we know that by offering the best reusable grocery bags in your store camera you help dearest to get there a little bit faster while making some money along the way! 

You can get started by designing the best reusable grocery bags on our platform Printify today. We have all kinds of sales resources to help you, like our design tool free design graphics and additional resources that will propel your sales to new heights. get started today on our platform and get access to our huge catalog of products just waiting for your amazing designs. 

Make it happen right now.

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