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Our 3 favorite CX survey tools to help you measure your customer experience

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Having been on our own Customer Experience improvement journey this past year or two, we’ve been become quite obsessed with the subject.

One of those ways is to use your MIS to send out surveys to assess how you’re performing at each stage of the journey. You can set up email templates that include survey links, and these will be automatically sent out from your MIS when triggered by a key milestone.

Here are some examples of where you could send out the emails, and what types of questions you could ask.

Order placed.png

Once the customer receives the email and clicks on the link, they’ll be taken to the external survey tool of your choice where they’ll be presented with a set of questions. You can create traditional questions and answer questions, or you could follow Amazon and use smiley faces or stars so that they can rate the experience.


So which survey tool to choose?

We’ve reviewed quite a few of them ourselves in our own CX journey and our 3 favourites were: Smartsurvey, Surveymonkey and Snapsurveys. While they’re quite similar, they each have different features for different needs, and we’ve created a chart based on these for easy comparison.  It’s worth mentioning that each provider has different subscription packages, and so the matrix is based on the most popular packages.

  Survey Monkey – Advantage Package Snapsurveys – Professional package Smart survey – Business package
Price £32 per month £695 per year £45 per month
24/7 support via email Expedited N N
Customized surveys Y N Y
Quizzes Y N N
Advanced data exports Y Y Y
Customized survey     experience Y Y
Advanced survey logic N Y Y
 Advanced survey   analysis Y Y Y
Multilingual surveys N Y Y
Uses NPS as a metric Y Y Y


One of the reasons we like these 3 tools is that they all use Net Promoter Score as a metric, which is the world’s leading metric for measuring customer loyalty and happiness. Using NPS to survey your customers allows you to turn the concept of brand loyalty and satisfaction into a solid number you can keep track of. 

Are there any great survey tools out there that you think should be included here? We’d love to know about them.

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