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New Partner Area Features are a Big Time Saver

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With our latest release, we’ve improved the way you manage your designs and products to help save you boatloads of time and effort. Now you can adjust pricing and tags for multiple designs and determine your products’ default colors in a single step. These two new functionalities will have your designs up and ready for sale much faster than before.

Manage multiple designs

We’ve made some helpful changes in the design overview section. Perhaps you’ve already seen the little check boxes in the top-right corner of the design tiles? Check the box to bulk-select as many designs as you want to edit at once. The menu bar on top changes as soon as you select a design. You will now find the options “Keywords” and “Design Price” there. Choose one of these options to apply it to all the designs you’ve selected. It’ll save you a ton of time when adjusting the pricing or keywords of your designs.

Select product default colors

It gets even better. You can now select a default product color to display for each product group. If your Shop is centered around the color red, you can choose to represent each product group with a red product. If you feel your designs display better on white products, you now have the freedom to make that happen. Think of this function as the mannequin that stands in a store window: there are obviously more colors available inside the store; this is just the lure that gets the customers in and buying.

You will find a color icon in the bottom-right corner of each product group tile. Click on it to select the default color of the displayed product. Customers can still freely choose from the other colors offered for each product; you are merely changing the color of the product being displayed.

More exciting news

We are in the process of working out a way for you to determine the color selection for your products. The solution to one of our more frequent requests is on the horizon. Stay tuned!

These new features are designed to help you save time and effort managing your products that you can use to better your brand and marketing. Give it a go!

Have you gained first-hand experience with the new features? How do you put the time you save to good use?  Please let us know in the comments.

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