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New Guidelines for Design Series

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We all want Spreadshirt to remain a place for creative exchange, so we’re making a few adjustments to the criteria for rejecting designs. These will become effective March 22, and initially affect so-called design series, also known as scaled designs.

The Spreadshirt Marketplace connects exciting designers with customers looking for something special. To help these customers find truly unique designs, it is in everybody’s interest to dam the staggering torrent of designs that look all too similar.

In the future, we will reject series of designs in which only individual elements vary. These include, for example, “Vintage since YEAR” with years numbered from 1920 to 2025. Or “5 Star JOB” featuring all professions from accountant to zookeeper. Possible combinations are sheer endless, as are the resulting masses of designs that are uploaded every day.

Demand is no longer in proportion to the high volume of design series uploaded in the last year, the quality of such design series leaves much to be desired.

All designs passing our review after March 22 (even if they have already been uploaded) will also be checked for this criterion. We’ll apply this guideline only to the Marketplace.

We really hope that this measure will promote creativity and give all designers the chance to improve their chances of selling.

This blogpost was edited on Friday, March 23rd 2018 at 2:58pm.

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