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Maximize Your Earnings by Submitting Your Tax Forms

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From 2016 onwards, you were required to submit W-9/W-8-BEN/W-BEN-E forms. These forms are only valid for three years, meaning the expiration date is quickly approaching for some of you. Therefore, you’ll be required to submit these forms again so you can enjoy more of your Spreadshirt earnings.

Fortunately, the process is easy. Simply download the form, fill out all the essential information, and send it to taxation@spreadshirt.com.

We’ll even help you to remember this important date; 30 days before your form is invalidated, you’ll see an orange box on your dashboard notifying you that action is required.

If you’re a Legacy User Area Partner, you will NOT see this box on your dashboard. Instead, you should keep an eye on the Payment data & tax status section of your dashboard following each payout. This will alert you if the forms need to be resubmitted.

If you fail to resubmit the form, we will have to withhold up to 30% of your earnings. Unfortunately, there’s no way around this as we’re simply complying with American tax law. But rest assured, the entire process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time.

Specifics on tax information can be found here.

If you have any questions about these forms or other tax information, please reach out in the comments below.

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