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Liquid Lettering: Design Contest Inspiration

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Our November Design Contest is on the theme of Liquid Lettering. Not sure where to start? We’ve got an extra-large serving of inspiration, tips and tutorials for you right here.

Liquid Lettering is a style of typography in which the font appears to be—you guessed it—made of liquid. But there are so many different ways to interpret “liquid.” Liquid Lettering can take the form of watercolor paints, spray paint, water or any other liquids you can imagine.

Style Tips

Liquid Lettering can be used in all possible colors and color combinations. You can make a single statement with it or mix it with other styles, for example by using vivid colors or letting your calligraphic font run only partially with the Liquid Lettering effect.

Your lettering can look like any kind of liquid: from milk to melted chocolate to honey, water or even blood! Your lettering may look washed-out or smudged, remind you of water droplets, or be shaped as if it were floating in a liquid itself. The sky’s the limit! You can also find suggestions on our Pinterest board for the competition.

Liquid Lettering on clothing

Liquid Lettering is perfect for creating cool statement shirts.

Especially eye-catching are black and white clothes, which provide a clean background for colorful and eye-catching designs. Cool, urban oversized clothing is also perfect for this style.

How Liquid Lettering works

Creating a design with Liquid Lettering is not for beginners. You should already have some Photoshop or Illustrator experience.

But even with experience, you may have no idea how to approach the whole thing. Don’t worry! We have collected a few tutorials for you to have a look at. So you’ll not only have a chance at winning $500, you’ll also learn a cool new skill!

Feeling up to the challenge? Then take part in our contest now! Don’t forget to check out the Inspiration board on Pinterest to improve your chances!


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