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Is your company suffering from outdated branding?

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Is your brand suffering from outdated branding?

Every morning you get up and dressed. The clothes, glasses and hairdo you choose are all a representation of your style, personality, values, likes and dislikes. It’s not often we find introverts choosing to wear bold, bright shirts and big kooky frames.

Similarly to the way you style yourself, the way you style your brand acts as a representation of your product, services, quality and values.

Over time your style will change and evolve. However, amongst the daily tasks of running a business, branding often gets overlooked.

Brand identity is a major component of any successful business and it can be crucial to aid success and to ensure that your company does not fall into the outdated branding trap. And if you think branding and brand development is a bit woolly and intangible – think again. In 2005 JP Morgan valued Coca Cola’s brand at $69.6 billion. Just the brand… not the infrastructure, the products, the people, their sales or their profit.

Why is branding important?

Your logo is at the centre of your business’s identity. It is often the first visual connection your prospects have with your business, whether on a product or package, sign or on your website. Misrepresented or outdated branding may imply to customers that your products or services are outdated. The wrong type of branding can send a message that you are lazy and don’t care. Inconsistencies confuse customers about who you really are or reduce the possibility that they’ll recognise you instantly.

Sometimes if we take a step back and re-evaluate our branding we find the need to make a few tweaks, however, some outdated branding may require a full makeover.

Consider these points to help you decide whether your businesses identity could benefit from a brand refresh.

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