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Introducing Language-Based Publishing

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Thanks to our new language-based publishing, your designs will be showcased to a wider audience.

Understanding Language-Based Publishing

Previously, if you published a design that contains, say, German text (and therefore wasn’t eligible for international publishing), it’d only be available via the German Marketplace. However, thanks to our language-based publishing, the design will now be available on any same-language Marketplaces (in this scenario, that’d be the Austrian and German Swiss Marketplace).

When it comes to language-based publishing, the following combinations apply:

North American Platform

  • English: American, Australian, Canadian Marketplace

European Platform

  • German: German, Austrian, Swiss-German Marketplace
  • English: British, Irish Marketplace (Exception: In cases where English-speaking designs are suited for an international audience and not too particular in terms of regional relevance, these can also be published in other countries.)
  • French: French, Swiss-French, Belgian-French Marketplace
  • Dutch: Dutch, Belgian-Flemish Marketplace
  • Italian: Italian, Swiss-Italian Marketplace

In addition to international publishing, the language-based publishing will help showcase your designs to a whole new grouping of customers, thus boosting sales.

The functionality mentioned in this article is only available if you opened your account after October 19th, 2016 (Canada: after May 30th, 2016).

Pretty simple, right? Try out the changes for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comment section.

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