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Impulse Purchases | PODTips

An impulse purchase is one that is made on the spur of the moment, either in a physical store or whilst browsing an e-commerce website. Studies show that impulse buyers are responsible for almost 80% of the money spent online so it is not difficult to see how important they could be to your business.

How Much Do People Spend on Impulse Purchases?

According to a recent OnePoll study, American consumers spend around $450 every single month on impulse buys, which equates to $5,400 worth of spontaneous purchases on an annual basis.

Extrapolating these figures over the average adult lifespan, that works out to $324,000 for each consumer. Meanwhile, in the UK, DisplayMode discovered in their study that, as a group, British shoppers are responsible for £21.7 billion of impulse purchases every year.

How to Grab Your Share of Impulse Buys with Dropshipping Products?

Use these tips to increase impulse buys on your Print on Demand e-commerce site

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Create a Happy Mood on Your Website

Surveys show that people are more inclined to make impulse purchases when they are happy and excited, which is why the run up to Christmas is the busiest month of the year as far as impulse buying is concerned.

Use Print on Demand Stores to Create Seasonal Products

Capitalise on the holiday spirit with seasonally-themed products printed on demand.

Highlight Your Top Sellers

Impulse buyers often focus on the most popular products in a store so be sure to feature these prominently on your site.

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Think Local

Many people love to buy things that are directly connected to their community, which is why products with locally relevant designs are such a big hit with impulse shoppers.

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