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How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

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Ever wondered who you’re selling to exactly? Find out more about spreadshirts´marketplace customers and what they want.

Spreadshirt is an e-commerce platform. That means we never get to meet our customers face-to-face because they are actually far, far away behind a computer screen somewhere. And as a Marketplace Designer, you face the dilemma of knowing very little about the customers perusing your Showroom.

So how can you guess what these strangers on the Internet want to see on their T-shirts? How do you know who your target audiences could be when you add designs to the Marketplace?

We’ve been gathering some interesting insights into our customers at Spreadshirt HQ in our Bat Cave full of computer geniuses. Now we’re ready to share them with you. (After all, they’re your customers, too.)  Ready to learn about their deepest hopes and dreams? And the names of their favorite elementary school teachers? Well, we haven’t yet invented the omni-directional mind-reading antenna, so all we can share with you is some solid customer behavior knowledge. But what customers search for and purchase on Marketplace can tell us a lot about their needs and interests.

Ready to meet your customers?

Here goes!

We’ve organized some of our most typical customers into handy categories.

  • The Travel Lover – these worldly customers want to see inspirational travel quotes, destination names, and interesting maps.
  • The Geeks and Nerds – bring on the twelve-sided dice and the math jokes for this quirky crowd.
  • The Sport Lovers – if you can play it, these customers want to see it on a T-shirt. Sports fans search for everything from football to water polo.
  • The Biker – motorcyclists typically want to see tough-looking designs on black shirts. The more skulls and choppers, the better.
  • The Dog Lover – designs featuring dog breeds, funny dog-mom or dog-dad sayings – you’ll have these customers barking up your tree.
  • The Yoga Lover – Zen designs, yoga jokes or inspirational messages are perfect for these mindful shoppers. Bonus points for organic products!
  • The Music Lover – this is a diverse bunch. Music lovers are interested in everything from heavy metal to opera.
  • The Foodie – pizza, donuts, veggies… if you can eat it, somebody out there wants to see it on a shirt (or apron!)

What about the little ones? Here are some of the usual “types” we see in the Kids & Babies department.

  • The Mermaid Lover – we don’t know what it is, but mermaids are all the rage right now. Or have they always been this cool?
  • The Horse Lover – we all knew that little girl who was obsessed with horses. This is a niche that never goes out of style.
  • The Space Cadet – kids love astronauts. And rocket ships. And aliens. They just do.
  • The Construction Kid – These are the kids who love dump trucks, tractors, cranes and diggers.

We hope this gives you a bit of insight into some of the typical customers shopping on the Spreadshirt Marketplace! Now use your knowledge to create some awesome designs they’ll love.

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