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How to sell custom phone cases in today’s market + free designs

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How to sell custom phone cases in today’s market + free designs

I bet when Alexander Graham Bell first sent out that Christmas text, he didn’t think he was launching what would become a small rectangular-shaped window into the world. To say that the cell phone has become an integral part of our daily lives would be an understatement. 

In 2016, it was reported that 2.1 billion people owned a smartphone. It is predicted that in 2020, 2.8 billion people will have a smartphone. 

With them came a widely overlooked, often neglected, unsung hero; the Phone Case. These tiny phone security blankets can sometimes be ignored. So how do you build a custom phone case business that not only celebrates the phone case but also makes you a great profit?

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How to market and sell custom phone cases in an overpopulated niche?

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Custom phone cases are good for online business and drop shipping; they are lightweight, easy to produce and are a great addon for multiple purchases. And as long as people are buying phones, phone cases will continue to enjoy a lasting and recurring demand. With low production costs, phone cases translate to promising high revenue potential. 

Research shows that 79% of smartphone users in America use some sort of protective casing. In the United States alone, there is a potential of 186 million customers for smartphone cases.

However, phone cases get a bad rep. If you’ve considered selling custom phone cases, you’ve come across countless YouTube videos warning you of the dangers of an overpopulated niche in graphic detail. These don’t inspire the critic in us. But even a saturated niche is a great one if you find your audience and appeal to them.

How to sell custom phone cases in today’s digital market

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Nowadays, phones are pretty much our fifth limb and what they’re wearing has become an extension of who we are. With thousands of bedazzled and glitzy phone cases out there, it will take a special kind of originality to catch the attention of a quick shopper. So how do you set yourself apart?


Know Your Audience

Custom phone cases can either be based on trend, lifestyle or common interest. By following a growing trend that has mass appeal and knowing what your unique offer is, you can enjoy sales on an unthinkable scale.

The Louis Vuitton case study
Source: louisvuitton.com

Following the recent resurgence in designer logo items, Louis Vuitton leveraged on their trunk luggage heritage and their distinct logo to produce one of the most highly-priced yet highly coveted custom phone cases of all time. They took advantage of the current trend and their brand’s unique key offering and scored big time! This shows that if you know your audience, you can sell something as casual as a phone case for literally a thousand dollars! (Yes, you read that right.)

How do I apply this to my business?

Let’s say you’re a fitness entrepreneur in LA and you notice that your clients connect their phones to their Bluetooth earphones then leave the phones lying around, often losing track of them. You design a phone case with a custom tag that they can write their names on. It easily solves your client’s immediate problem and you cash in a good buck. These case studies not only show that phone cases can be a great business but that knowing your customer‟s needs is a vital part of it.

We at Printify have developed a quick guide to knowing your audience. By answering these few questions, you can begin to understand your clients’ needs.

custom phone casecustom phone case

Great Designs Sell Themselves

Now that you’ve figured out what your audience needs, the next step is to come up with great designs for your custom phone cases. Before you start designing, below are questions that will help you create products that fly off the shelf.

  1. What makes your designs unique?
  2. What makes them tick and stand out from the ones currently offered?
  3. Are they answering a specific need?
  4. Do they appeal to a large audience?
  5. Are your designs breaking any copyright laws?

The good news is you don’t have to go too far to find a great printing partner. Custom printing is even faster and easier with Printify.

Quality products give quality results

Next, Make sure that your final product is not just great to look at but also highly effective as a phone case. Phone cases have one job, to cushion the phone from breaking and scratching. Making sure your customizable phone cases are great to begin with is important. But don’t sweat it, Printify has partnered with great custom phone case providers. We’ve also set up great reviews on our YouTube page. You can start with the one below and then this one.

No one will buy it if they don’t know it exists

Marketing your beautiful products is the last step in a good phone case business. In today‟s digital space, advertising online is so much easier with tools like Google and Facebook analytics. Setting up ads on websites and social media platforms can be a great push for your products. Keeping track of how your business is doing, which designs are appealing the most to your audience and keeping the supply as high as the demand will result in a profitable custom phone case business.

There is lots of evidence that a phone case business can be a lucrative online venture, so don’t overlook its potential. Instead, think of custom phone cases as tiny malleable works of art for your clients.

Get your custom designs to Printify and let’s do this! 

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