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How to sell clothes on eBay? Ultimate guide

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How to sell clothes on eBay? Ultimate guide

Deciding to sell custom clothes on eBay can be a huge step. Whether you’re hoping to start your own fashion line or just make some extra money, selling clothes can be an adventure. Just like with any business venture, there are always tips and tricks to keep in mind when starting out. Even once you’ve successfully sold some of your designs, having advice in mind can save you a lot of future hassle.

Selling clothes online can be fun, but it can also be a pain. Make sure you’re going into this with a clear understanding of what to expect from your new business. After all, it is a business even if it’s online. You’ll have to do some work to be successful, but if you follow this guide, it should make things easier when you’re just starting up.

Here is the ultimate guide on how to sell clothes on eBay:

1. Have a game plan

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The first and one of the most important steps to how to sell clothes on eBay is to have a game plan. No great company has started out without some semblance of a plan. Your plan can be simple like draw a design, upload it onto a Circuit machine, then turn it into a t-shirt. Your plan can also be long and elaborate, complete with a diagram board and manila folder. Before you even start making clothing, though, you should have a game plan. How to start a print on demand business and sell clothes on eBay? Here are a few ideas.

1. Define Your Style

What kinds of designs are you going to sell? This is one of the first things you need to know when learning how to sell clothes on eBay. You could choose to go with hand-drawn designs on t-shirts or hoodies. Do you want to offer customized clothing unique to each of your customers? You’ll also want to decide if you want your clothing to come in various mediums such as leggings, shirts, bags, and dresses or if you want to stick strictly to one format such as sweatshirts. Overall, you’ll want to define your clothing style before you open for business.

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2. Choose Your Selling Platform

If you’re reading this guide on how to sell clothes on eBay, it’s likely you’ve already chosen your platform: eBay. That’s a good first step. eBay caters to all different people around the world and your eBay shop can be accessed from anywhere on the global market. Make sure to get your eBay shop set up for your custom clothing early on so people begin to recognize your brand and logo. You don’t want an empty profile photo that’s easy to get confused with others. 

3. Spread the Word

Every business needs customers. How you’ll attract customers should be something you think about early on. Maybe your clothing is made with sustainable sources. If you’re not sure how you’ll attract customers, look into some of your favorite clothing brands and see what they do.

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If all else fails, you can always ask your mom or cousin or other relative to look at your clothes and spread the word to their friends. You’ll be amazed at how well word-of-mouth can work sometimes.

2. Brand your designs

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Learning how to sell clothes on eBay can be time consuming and difficult. After all, you want to gain customers, but you need reviews. And how do you get reviews? With customers. It’s like that endless cycle of “Which came first? The chicken or the egg?”. 

When attracting customers, you’ll first need to understand your target audience. You can’t just throw your designs out into the world wide web and hope for the best. If you can figure out who you’re hoping to sell to the most, you can then figure out how to attract them. Think of it this way: if your target audience is runners or people who love to work out, don’t promote your clothing with lots of frills or denim materials. On the opposite hand, if you’re designing clothing for children, make sure your brand looks kid friendly and happy.

Marketing tricks

Marketing your clothing is a part of branding your designs and getting your shop out there. When it comes to eBay shops and marketing your custom merch, you’ll want to make sure your clothing looks appealing. No one is going to click on something with a blurry, poorly taken photo.

Phrasing is also important for marketing your brand. Search engine optimization, better known as SEO, is one of the best tricks for having your clothes show up in searches. You’re already using eBay which puts your shop in an easy to access place, but by taking advantage of SEO techniques, your shop and clothing will show up even more when someone searches for something you’re selling. When you list your clothing on eBay, use a few keywords to get your ad noticed by more people. Don’t overuse your keywords though as this can actually count against you in SEO.

If you’re not against spending some money on marketing alone, it may be worthwhile to look into pay per click (PPC) advertising to get your shop out there. You’ll only pay when people click on your ads and your shop will appear in the top search results. Pay per click advertising can be a quick way to bring in customers, but it can get expensive if the business you get from it doesn’t offset the costs.

You can also learn how others sell their clothes on eBay already.

3. Set a competitive pricing

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Ah, yes. The hassle of putting a price on your custom clothes can be a major issue when learning how to sell clothes on eBay. On the one hand, you don’t want to get ripped off for all your hard work and creativity, but you also don’t want to price it so expensive no one will buy it.

How to price your items selling on eBay?

When trying to decide on a price, take a step back and try looking at your clothing like a customer would. How much would you pay for it? If you want help pricing things, ask a friend how much they would spend on something like what you’ve designed. Ask them to be honest and don’t try and argue with them.

You can also look up similar items to see how other people sell clothes on eBay and base your pricing around those. For the best results, aim for the middle ground. Anything priced on the higher end of things might get overlooked unless you can prove your product is of much better quality than most similar products.

4. Do the best presentation

Learning how to sell clothes on eBay really comes down to showing off your products well. How you show off and present your custom clothing can make or break your shop when learning how to sell clothes on eBay. Poorly presented clothes won’t get as many views and without those views, you won’t gain customers. Blurry photos, messy backgrounds, and poor lighting are just a few things that make your presentation look bad.

Just like with branding, you need to present your clothes in a way that represents them when figuring out how to sell clothes on eBay You would never want to put pink, frilly dolls in the background for a photo of a studded leather jacket. The message gets a little blurred when you do that. Instead, you would want to opt for a contrasting background that matches the feeling of the jacket. At the same time, you wouldn’t want the description of your jacket to sound like a Disney film.

When it comes to presentation of your custom merch, there are many things to consider. From start to finish, here are some basic tips. 

1. Setting up for the picture

This is the first step when learning how to sell clothes on eBay and also one of the most important. You may not have access to a photography studio, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still set up your photo to look professional. 

Note: Use our free mockup generator

As mentioned above, the background of your photo must match the vibe your clothing sends out. When selling clothes on eBay, this is very important to make your product seem more valuable in the eyes of customers. Most of the time, it’s best to go with a solid color that contrasts with your clothing. You wouldn’t want a dark background for something navy blue, but you wouldn’t want to photograph white jeans with a super light background either. Contrasting colors are key to clearly seeing your product.

custom t shirts no minimumcustom t shirts no minimum

Once you’ve decided the best background for your photo, it’s time to make sure you have good lighting in the area. A dark photo is hard to see and won’t draw in customers like a well-lit photo will. However, you also don’t want to drown out your photo with too much light.

Natural sunlight usually makes for the best photos and an open room can also prevent strange shadows from ruining your picture. Once you’ve found the best lighting available, it’s time to take the photos.

2. Taking the photos

Taking quality photos is one of the top things you need to learn when figuring out how to sell clothes on eBay. You don’t need a mannequin to show off your custom clothing in photos. If you have someone nearby that wouldn’t mind joining you for a photo shoot, pull them over for a little while and have them model for you. Using a live model in pictures can actually help your business. It helps customers imagine wearing your product for themselves better and if they’re imagining wearing it, they’re more likely to buy it.

Once you’ve got your model picked out, position them as you like. A live model can change positions and turn to show off your clothing better, but a mannequin can show off pieces just as well. You’ll have to move the mannequin yourself, but it’s not that big of a hassle.

Presenting your custom clothing from different angles is vital. Customers want to see what your pieces look like from the front, back, and both sides. Make sure to get close ups of any special features like sewn on patches.

3. Posting

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After you’ve taken your eye-catching photos, it’s time to upload them onto your eBay shop. This is critically important as learning how to sell clothes on eBay really comes down to 

The nice thing about selling clothing on eBay is that you can adjust which photo you want as a thumbnail. Drag and drop your photos into an order you like then make sure you choose the one that best represents your clothes as the thumbnail.

Writing the description for your merch can be a bit tricky, but don’t overthink it. Keep it simple and easy to read. When describing your product, don’t use long, elegant sentences that might confuse customers. It’s not necessary to describe the inspiration and production process, but if you feel like it adds to your product’s worth, you can include it.

If you’re not sure how to feel about your posting when figuring out how to sell clothes on eBay, have a friend read through it to see if it makes sense. Ask for their honest opinion and don’t get upset if they say something you don’t like. Once you feel confident your posting is the best it can be, you’re ready to present your product to the world.

5. Watch your clothes sell

Hopefully this guide on how to sell clothes on eBay has proven to be highly valuable to you.

After all that work setting up your eBay clothing shop, it’s time to watch customers roll in and your clothes sell. If you’ve worked hard to market your clothes and have a good presentation, it shouldn’t be too long before you start selling things.

Of course, you won’t get loads of business right off the bat. Expect only a few customers here or there to begin with. As you get more business selling your clothes on eBay, your shop will show up more often in search results and you’ll get even more customers. It takes some patience when first starting out though, so don’t get frustrated when you haven’t sold anything four days after posting your first product.

If you’re really struggling to get customers when trying to sell your clothes on eBay, spread the word to family and friends that you’re selling custom clothing. Share your shop on social media and ask them to as well. The more people who talk about your shop and share it around, the sooner you’ll see your business growing. 

Once your clothes business takes off on eBay, you’ll feel like the days of hoping for new customers were just your imagination. As you watch orders come in, you’ll get more and more customers searching up your clothing. Selling custom clothing on eBay can be a hassle, but the end results can be exciting and lead to a whole new adventure. No matter what you’re hoping to sell, stay passionate, have a plan, and enjoy the ride.

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