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How to Make Gym Website with WordPress

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How to Make Gym Website with WordPress

You can make all sorts of websites with WordPress.

And gym websites are no exception!

A website built for a gym isn’t as simple as a blog, but it’s not the most complex website either.

An awesome gym site should be able to do the following things:

  • Let new members signup
  • Share class schedules
  • Display the gym’s address and contact info
  • Show a photo gallery of the facility
  • List the trainers with photos & bios

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

In order to build your website, there are two things you have to do first before you can think about any of those features.

Get yourself a domain

Before you can even build your website, you need to get a domain name.

A domain name is your website’s address. For example, google.com and twitter.com are both domain names. It’s where people go online to visit those companies’ websites.

If you already have a domain then you can skip to the next step, but if you need some help finding one, then follow this guide.

How to Find a Great Available Domain Name →

The main challenge in getting a good domain name is finding one that’s actually available. Hopefully, your brand name is available to register as a domain, but the guide linked to above will give you some tips to find a simple variation for a cheap price.

Get a basic website online

You’re going to start with a basic WordPress website and then use a theme and plugins to get all the features listed at the beginning of this post.

To get your website online, you need to start by signing up for hosting.

If your domain is like the property you build your business on, then hosting is like water, gas, and electricity. Without hosting, your website won’t load at all.

There are tons of web hosts to choose from, but the one I recommend consistently for new WordPress users is Bluehost.

Bluehost HomepageBluehost Homepage
Visit Bluehost.com

You might be thinking, “Why would I signup for hosting before I have a website?”

The reason is that Bluehost automatically creates a fresh WordPress website for you when you signup. I know this can be kind of confusing beforehand so just to review the steps…

All you need to do is get pick out an available domain name and then create an account with Bluehost. A few minutes after you signup, you’ll have a live WordPress website hosted at your domain.

The whole process goes pretty fast!

Once you have your WordPress website online, you can get to the fun part: customizing your site.

Tip: If you haven’t purchased your domain already, don’t buy it yet! Bluehost lets you register your first domain for free when you signup.

How to customize your gym website

To customize the style of your website, you’ll use a WordPress theme.

You can find 19 free WordPress themes on our website, but they’ve been developed mainly for bloggers. That’s why instead, I’m making a recommendation for a theme by another developer.

The Gym Edge theme is exceptional for building a gym website.

Gym EdgeGym Edge

It’s got an impressive 4.94/5.00 rating on Themeforest from 50 total ratings, and for good reason too. This theme has a great design and is extremely customizable.

There’s a page builder included that lets you craft custom templates. You don’t need to be a skilled web designer because all of the page components are already pre-designed to look good together.

You can build your site by dragging-and-dropping blocks into place and then adding your own text and graphics.

The Gym Edge theme includes all of the features recommended at the beginning of this guide as well.

And if you don’t like the way the Gym Edge theme looks, that’s no problem. You can find some great alternatives in this collection of the best fitness WordPress themes.

Fitness WordPress ThemesFitness WordPress Themes

Once you install the theme, you’ll have everything you need. Then it’s simply a matter of creating your pages and entering your site info to complete your site.

Start crafting your gym site

When building a WordPress website for the first time, there’s a lot to learn.

The main roadblock is simply knowing where to start, and I hope this guide outlined the steps clearly enough for you to understand what you need to do.

To review the steps, they are:

  1. Get a domain name
  2. Signup for hosting (Bluehost)
  3. Choose a gym WordPress theme (Gym Edge)
  4. Customize your site

If you want step-by-step instructions on creating a WP site, check out this guide next:

How to Create a WordPress Website Today →

It has much more detail about the steps required to build your site and includes 17-part video course which gets very in-depth.

If you enjoyed this post, make sure to share it with someone else before you go. Thanks for reading!

Ben SibleyBen Sibley
Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley is a WordPress theme designer & developer, and founder of Compete Themes.

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