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How to make a scarf: Current trends and quirky uses for 2020

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How to make a scarf: Current trends and quirky uses for 2020

Scarves make for an amazing accessory, they are extremely versatile and can be sold all year round. They are unisex, great for kids, can be worn by pets and they can even double up as a belt. The truth is, once you know how to make a scarf that appeals to your audience, you could this simple accessory could be one of your best sellers.

How to make a scarf in 3 steps

We aren’t asking you to break the knitting needles out just yet, although this past time has seen a huge revival over the past few years, there are easier ways to make a scarf. There is no need to learn crochet, nor will you have to tackle a double knit, all you need is Printify. 

With our online design tool, you will be creating your first custom scarf collection in no time, plus our awesome mock-ups will show you how your designs will look in real life. There is no minimum order and we even integrate with eBay, Etsy, WooCommerce, Wix, and Shopify, all to make your life easier. 

Step 1

Inspiration for your first designs

Getting started is always the hardest part, so there is no harm in looking around for some inspiration on how to make a scarf. Check out Pinterest for some trending colors and patterns, or take a look around Etsy to see what catches your eye.

Step 2

Designing your first scarf

Now for the fun part, designing your scarf. Our mockup generator makes this step fast and simple, you can connect your dropbox, google drive, or upload files directly from your computer or device. Add your patterns to the scarf blank and voila, you’re ready.

how to design a scarfhow to design a scarf

Step 3

Setting your profit margins & selling

With your design finalized, you can now set up your selling price. Our handy profit calculator will show you the production cost and the recommended sale price. You can of course increase or decrease the selling price and our profit calculator will show you your margins. 

If you have integrated one of the above-mentioned platforms, then your new scarf will be automatically added. All you need to do is check it, change the description to suit and then start selling.

5 Alternative uses for a scarf

Historically a scarf was used as a way to stay clean, over the years we have seen that change. Now people know how to make a scarf with multiple uses, just another reason that selling scarves is a great way to increase your sales. 

Here are 5 clever alternative uses that you may, or may not have seen already.

Additional fashion accessory

how to make a scarf as a belthow to make a scarf as a belt

Have you ever considered selling scarves as a belt? Yep, this is one of the most popular alternatives uses for a polyester scarf. Just wrap the scarf around your waist and tie at the side, or use an old buckle to fasten at the front. Your customers can now make their wardrobe more utilitarian.

Bad hair day

how to make a scarf as an hair accessoryhow to make a scarf as an hair accessory

We have all been there, you wake up, and you just can’t tame your hair. Well, once again, we turn to our trusty scarf. Now it can easily double up as a headscarf, although hardly a breaking trend, many people still overlook just how useful a scarf can be as a headdress. You can even sell a scarf as a headscarf, with no reference to it being a standard scarf, it just comes down to your product and how you position it.

4 legged friends

how to make a scarf for dogshow to make a scarf for dogs
Source: Printify, Poly Scarf

No list is complete without adding pets. Designing a range of dog scarves is a genius way to appeal to an audience who love their pets to be as fashionable as they are. Learning how to make a scarf for dogs could be a masterstroke, especially if you create a dog and owner collection – go on, we know you want to.

Handbag accessory

scarf accessory for handbagscarf accessory for handbag

Breath some life into an old handbag, or add a splash of color, using a scarf as a handbag accessory is a simple but genius hack. Turn a formal bag into something for every day, by tying a scarf around the handle, or even doubling it up as a strap for a clutch bag. What you can achieve by adding a scarf as a handbag accessory far outweighs the cost of the item.

Wrap it up

gift wrapped in scarfgift wrapped in scarf
Pinterest/Brooklyn Bride

Perhaps the best alternative use for a custom printed scarf is to use it as wrapping. You can suggest this idea to your customers, instead of wasting wrapping paper, simply wrap the bottle, or gift in the scarf and there is a double win for the recipient. They get a nice gift and a scarf at the same time. 

Who’d have thought that knowing how to make a scarf? Now when you start to design your own scarf keep these additional ideas and applications in mind, and you could get a jump on the competition who sees a scarf as just that, a scarf.

The ‘modern’ day scarf dates back to ‘ancient times’ (go-figure) when one of histories most revered beauties, queen Nefertiti would wear one as part of her headdress. Scarves have also been used to mark military rank around the world, from China to Croatia, however, it was in the 19th century when scarves became a fashion item. 

The custom printed scarf originated in France in the mid-1800s’, after fashion designers realized the potential to create an accessory that would complement everyday wear for the wealthy. It was, however queen Victoria who helped to globalize the scarf trend, wearing extravagant cravats and custom print scarves while sitting on her throne.  

Skip forward a couple of hundred years and the global scarf market is still booming. With high fashion brands selling luxury scarves and small boutique stores shipping sustainable scarf collections, now is the perfect time to enter the market.

How to make a scarf today with Printify

Armed with the knowledge of how to make a scarf with Printify, you have everything you need to launch your first custom printed scarf collection today. There is no set-up cost, no minimum order and you don’t pay a cent until you get your first order. 

Get started with Printify and add this simple but versatile accessory to your store today.

Make it happen right now.

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