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How to create a winning sticker design?

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How to create a winning sticker design?

When we think about branded merchandise, we rarely consider the humble sticker. But whether you’re hustling to get unprecedented brand exposure, want to make your story stick or pump up a sluggish sales pipeline, a great sticker design can turn out to be your magic bullet.

So how do you go about creating one?

print on demand stickersprint on demand stickers

Square Stickers

You cannot go wrong with a classic square-style sticker. The clean, crisp edges and simple-but-elegant look make this the most straightforward and popular option.

print on demand stickersprint on demand stickers

Kiss-Cut Stickers

A kiss cut provides you with the ultimate flexibility for implementing your vision—this method cuts the sticker into any shape you desire, while leaving the back intact.

Where can you use a winning sticker design?

When it comes to stickers, don’t stick to your old ways! A sticker can literally be slapped onto anything you can think of – on a door of a meeting room, on a cup, a notebook, a car or a phone. The only limit is your own imagination.

Whenever your brand is in the spotlight – whether at a conference, meetup, awards or an exhibition – a sticker can help you extend the reach of your brand beyond what you thought was possible.

So, where can you use it?

A laptop is one of the most obvious use cases for stickers. To earn a place on someone’s laptop, though, you need a design that is much bigger than just your brand. It needs to evoke emotions and align with people’s personal values.

Source: Unsplash

Books aren’t probably the first thing that comes to your mind after hearing the word sticker, but it can and does work for some projects and brands. It can serve as the modern-day “property of” stamp, promote an upcoming related event or anything else.

Source: Etsy, MightyDonut

A phone cover is another natural fit for a sticker.  Now that phones are basically an extra limb, people tend to look for ways to ‘dress it up’. A cool sticker that resonates with your target audience could become a top-class marketing asset.  

Source: Etsy, FixateDesigns

Cups make a really great place for stickers. Walk into any office or home kitchen and you’ll definitely see a few cups sitting around – exposed and easily accessible to a very wide range of people, cups give your brand the kind of exposure that

Source: Etsy, Creeksdecalsandgifts

Notebooks are great for stickers, too. As an item that most of use every day, they offer your brand a unique opportunity to stay top of mind!

Source: Etsy, MightyDonut

Skateboards. Stickers have been around almost as long as skateboarding has. Here is a nice interview with a skateboard sticker enthusias and his sticker collection.

How to choose a top-game sticker design?

Source: Printify

There are thousands of different sticker designs – and there is no one artwork that could be deemed the best. Every sticker has its pros and cons and should be judged in a wider context – is it meant to go on a t-shirt? Decorate a wall? Or punk up a brand’s packaging design? Depending on its purpose, any sticker can also be resized and cut to the exact proportions to deliver a stunning visual effect.

If you’re thinking about branching out into sticker merchandise, you won’t need to look too hard for your next bestselling design – from Etsy to Amazon there are dozens of marketplaces selling all types of stickers.

And despite the vague concept of a “winning sticker design”, there are a few factors that make a sticker stand out, which in turn leads to more sales.

1. Colors

Etsy, EsBransonArtStudios

Choosing a design that sports popping colors will ensure your sticker doesn’t go unnoticed. Due to their relatively small size, stickers need to be vibrant and shouty to demand people’s attention.

Source: mybilliedesigns
Source: mybilliedesigns
Coming up with your color scheme you should try using Paletton (it’s free!)

2. Typography

Source: Unsplash

If you’re going for a design that’s text-based, you need to look for big, bold letters, a font that’s easy to read and a genuinely strong message. Whether it’s using wit, humor or a catchy phrase, the sticker must be targeted at a clearly defined audience.
Find 42 Free Thick Fonts To Use

3. Characters

Source: Etsy, MightyDonut

A lot of the really memorable stickers feature an authentic character. It could be a funny pug, a spooky-looking skull or a pinup girl – if it’s cool and eye-catching, it has the potential to boost your brand’s visibility and create a mass appeal.

Already found what you were looked for?

Make it happen right now.

Where should you go looking for inspiration for a winning sticker design?

Source: Unsplash

Surprisingly to many, there is more than one well-established online marketplace that sells sticker designs. In fact, there are at least 5 platforms you should check out and take note of the best designs and product ideas.

Etsy, quite an obvious place to look for sticker designs, offer a full range of creative sticker designs spanning all shapes, sizes and categories.

All stickers specialise more into “cute, girly stickers” for laptops. Nonetheless, the platform is packed with a versatile collection of designs that cover hot topics like feminism, Harry Potter and the good vibes movement.

Amazon is also on the list, with a great range of interesting sticker designs.

Which software to use for sticker designs?

Want to have a go at creating your sticker design? There are plenty of online tools that will help you achieve that goal!

Adobe creative suite comes with a huge arsenal of features and is one of the best web design tools. However, if you’re not proficient in design tools already, you’ll most likely face a very steep learning curve.

Canva is a free web design tool that leverages the drag-and-drop approach. There are many beautiful templates, graphics and images available for free and many more can be purchased at $1 per element.

Maestro label designer is another great web design software that facilitates the creative process around creating cool labels.

Microsoft Word is an unexpected contender on this list. However, it offers you a familiar interface and a decent clipboard.  

Avery offers a simple way to create and personalise templates and labels.

Brief Conclusion

In a world that’s obsessed with trends and authenticity – all at the same time – a great sticker design could be one of the few really effective branding assets left to online merchants. In such a small and compact size, you can pack a strong concept and add your brand’s stamp.

Some stickers are there to do an important job, such as to provide information or mentorship, but most are produced as fun and decorative items. With such a range of options at your fingertips, you can easily find a design that would complement or enhance your best selling products.

Make it happen right now.

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