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How to create a product with Printify

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How to create a product with Printify

The latest update brings with it a new way to create products with Printify.

Instead of creating products in collections like before, you create them one at a time in order to ensure all details are just right. With our step-by-step guide for the product editor, you can’t go wrong. It’s much easier to compare and select manufacturers for your products.

Inspired by our best-selling users who want to customize each product in detail and and ensure perfection for each product, we started making changes. Our goal is to provide you with a solution which allows you to create new products quickly and easily without missing out on top quality.

We have prepared a quick video to show you how to create a product with Printify.

Before you create a product, check out our manufacturers. Choose them based on location, price, value and more to make sure they are best suited for your business.

With a few easy steps you can start selling new custom products. We manage automated order production and fulfillment directly to your customer — with your branding.

In case you need any help, you want to schedule a demo or leave your feedback — please, contact our Customer Care at [email protected].

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