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How to create a guaranteed killer email campaign, it’s so easy!

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A killer email campaign, requires killer design!

As a marketing specialist, you are the master of juggling a multitude of tasks at one time.  From adverts to social media, you do it all during your busy day.  Email still remains top of the list for ways to reach customers in this digital age so one of your biggest challenges is creating that killer email campaign that converts.  To help you along, here are a few ideas and examples to inspire you:

Getting personalisation right

At one time, personalising an email meant using an algorithm that inserted the person’s name or their email username at the beginning of the email and that’s the job done.  But modern personalisation has moved on to a whole new level.

For starters, how many people have wacky user names for their accounts, often set up when they were teenagers and then swiftly forgotten about?  Sending an email to ‘Miss Party Girl’ doesn’t really do much for the credibility of your business and probably just causes the recipient great embarrassment – instant delete.  One study found that 95% of people responded negatively when an email called them by a silly name.

However, many of those customers would react far better to a personal message that was actually relevant to them.  Opticians Warby Parker are a good example to look at – their email featured a prominent date when the customer’s eye test was due and prompted them to make an appointment.  It also included two easy links to their men’s and women’s glasses sections for some shopping.

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