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First 5 tasks to pass off to e-commerce freelancers

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First 5 tasks to pass off to e-commerce freelancers

Wonder how ecommerce freelancers might free up your time to scale your ecommerce business faster and with less headaches?

There are more people online than ever before, more people shopping on mobile devices than ever before, and more product and service options available online than ever before. Now, more than ever before, is a great time to be an ecommerce entrepreneur. There’s no denying the huge opportunity on the ecommerce horizon.

Still, there is much blood, sweat, and tears that must be shed by entrepreneurs before reaching the destination of ‘sweet’ success.

Simply because there’s just too much work involved with building a successful ecommerce business. But wait… What if there were another way – a better way?

There is!

As the demand for ecommerce products and services rises, and entrepreneurs crop up to fill that demand, another demand is also growing at a rapid rate. This demand is for ecommerce freelancers who are there to help entrepreneurs reach their business goals.

There are a broad range of tasks ecommerce freelancers can perform for busy entrepreneurs like you to take the workload off your shoulders so you can focus on working “on” your business and not get stuck only working “in” your business. As entrepreneurs consider hiring ecommerce freelancers, there’s one question that echoes in the backs of their minds.
“What tasks should I hand off first?”

Let’s take a look at five different tasks ecommerce freelancers can take off your shoulders to lighten your workload, improve productivity, and scale your business faster with far less headaches.

1# Email Campaign & Promotion Writing

Email marketingEmail marketing
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Building a list of interested prospects and customers, staying in contact with these people and building a relationship with them is one of the most important tasks involved in doing business online. That’s why you should consider finding expert ecommerce freelancers to help you with your customer relationship management via e-mail.
There are several tasks you may hire ecommerce freelancers to take over pertaining to e-mail.

Planning for E-mail Marketing

Some ecommerce freelancers are experts in the area of e-mail marketing, and can maybe even help you plan out automated campaigns for various segments of your growing e-mail list. You may need help planning a logical and compelling campaign for new customers, abandoned carts, free offer leads, customers who have not bought within 30 days, etc.

CRM Management

You may have just purchased access to Klaviyo, Aweber, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft or another CRM. Perhaps you need help managing lists, scrubbing your list monthly, analyzing results monthly, optimizing campaigns, and possibly more. An ecommerce freelancer can help with all of this.

E-Newsletter Management

Perhaps you heard that it’s important to send out a fresh weekly or monthly newsletter to your e-mail list. You want to keep this profitable activity up but you just don’t have the time. You can hire an ecommerce freelancer to take ownership of writing, designing, formatting and sending newsletters out.

2# SEO Blogging

As an ecommerce business owner, certainly you know the importance of blogging to build traffic to your site, grow an engaged audience, and create that “Know, Like and Trust” factor. But you realize that blogging takes significant time and brain energy out of your work week. Quite frankly, it can become a part-time job all on its own, depending on how much you do it – and you know you need to do it a lot to get ahead in the race.
There are many top shelf ecommerce freelancers who focus on SEO blogging to help you get found in search engines and presell visitors who read content on your website. As the leader of your company, you may not want to relinquish control over your content. But you can still hire an ecommerce freelancer to do the legwork. Just outline the objectives you want them to meet with each blog.

Common objectives of blog posts include:

  • driving organic search engine traffic
  • building website rankings for certain keywords
  • nurturing e-mail list subscribers
  • converting blog readers into new list subscribers
  • converting blog readers into new customers

Ecommerce freelancers who specialize as bloggers can help in all phases of your blog and content efforts. They can help start up your blog, they can create a content calendar for you, they can help by writing blog posts, and they may also be able to help set up e-mail subscriber opt-in opportunities and more. Make your needs known so that you can find the best fit and explore the possibilities with them.

3# Inventory Management

If you have a bustling ecommerce store selling your own products, you know the challenge of keeping up with inventory flow. Of course, if that were all you get did in a day, life would be easy. But it’s not. That’s why you need help. The good news is there are plenty of ecommerce freelancers who specialize in inventory management.

You can hire the services of an inventory management specialist to take several tasks off your plate including:

  • mapping out your inventory strategy
  • managing drop-shipping vendors
  • managing FBA inventory
  • contacting suppliers
  • placing orders with suppliers

Regardless of the task you need to get done related to the inventory aspect of your business, you can find the help you need.

4# Virtual Assistant

There may be a variety of routine tasks that weigh your schedule down. Perhaps fielding phone calls, e-mails, and live chats really have you tied up. If this is the case then you should reach out to ecommerce freelancers who specialize as virtual assistants.

A virtual assistant may help you manage a crazy schedule. You can give them control of setting appointments, keeping you on task throughout busy days and making sure you never double-book appointments.
If you have repetitive activities that pop up on your plate then you should consider hiring a general virtual assistant so you can pass these off, too. You may also get a variety of customer service questions that can be passed off to a virtual assistant with this experience.

Virtual assistants can help you process and organize activities and tasks for other workers as well. Relieve yourself of these activities with the help of a good virtual assistant who fits your specific needs.

5# Customer Service Agent

Another very popular category of ecommerce freelancers is customer service agents. It cannot be overstated how important it is to have live, expert help available to answer the questions of prospects and customers who visit your store.

Customer service agents helping with your ecommerce business can address prospect and customer inquiries you get by e-mail, live chat, or phone. When you have peak times of the day with tons of live chat inquiries, a good customer service agent will be there to help convert these prospects into new customers and maintain good relationships with current and past customers.


Cargo donkeyCargo donkey
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Every entrepreneur hits the point of “overwhelm” where you have too much to do but it still all needs to get done so you can sell and grow.
This is the point at which many business owners stagnate. Don’t let that happen to you. That’s the point in time you need to see how ecommerce freelancers can help you free up your time to grow to the next level.
Let me take this opportunity to provide a word of advice before you jump into hiring an ecommerce freelancer.

To become a successful entrepreneur that experiences fast business growth, leadership and management skills will come into play. More specifically, it is important that you provide ecommerce freelancers simple and clear step-by-step instructions on how to perform tasks.

It’s best you already have proven processes that are used in performing various tasks. However, for more specialized tasks that require more expertise – such as web development, direct response copywriting, Facebook advertising, etc. – you may not be able to provide a proven process. In these cases, you may need to work with the ecommerce freelancer to outline processes.

Written by Connor Gillivan, he is the CMO and co-owner of FreeeUp.com, a rapidly growing freelance marketplace making hiring online simpler. He has sold over $30 million online, has hired hundreds of freelancers to build his companies, is a published author, and is the owner of ConnorGillivan.com.

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