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Find Out About Your Bestsellers

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Want to know which of your designs and products can earn you the most money? The new Bestsellers tab on your Statistics page will let you know. Use these insights to make your promotions even more effective.

If boosting your sales is a concern, knowing what sells well (and what doesn’t) helps you focus your attention on worthwhile efforts. The updated Statistics overview offers a quick and easy way to determine which of your products and designs do best – filtered by products, designs, countries and sales channels.

Use this info to improve your marketing activities, and you can also use the numbers to prioritize your products and designs. For instance, in the Spreadshop, you can draw attention to your bestsellers by showing them on your start page. If you really want to guide customers to your top-sellers, consider setting up a Showroom topic that includes your bestselling designs. You’ll soon learn that promotion on social media and a few Showroom adjustments can go a long way in cranking up your sales.

What’s more, the Statistics pages will provide you with useful information on which designs are particularly popular. This will come in handy with future design and product creations, and you can use it to weed out those products that don’t cut the mustard.

Please note: You can only see the new Bestsellers tab if you are using the Partner Area.

What do you think? Are the new bestseller statistics helpful for you? Please let us know in the comments!

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