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Embroidered hats are LIVE!

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Embroidered hats are LIVE!

We are happy to announce our newest groundbreaking service which lets you, the online retailer, offer cool, professionally embroidered hats for sale through your online store with Printify handling all back end responsibilities. All you do is place the product with a hot-selling design in your store. Ready?

How to Get Started With Embroidered Hats?

Getting started with Printify is incredibly easy. All you need is some basic knowledge of your target audience and a few good ideas regarding what you think they would like to see on a hat. The possibilities are endless while your investment in time and energy is minimal. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Determine your target audience

The style of hats along with the graphic content will be driven by who you are targeting with this product. Are you aiming to attract sports fans? What about bird lovers? Or maybe your target audience has a rebellious streak and loves to push the fun envelope to the limit. Whomever your audience is you’ll need to figure out what type of embroidered image will get their attention.

So start with a little brainstorming session.

What does you target audience love or love to do?

Are they into birds, bees or trees? Do they hang at the beach, in clubs or at school? Are they outrageous or more subdued?

Where are they likely to wear these hats?

Will they be sporting your caps on campus? Will they be wearing them during walkathons or marathons? Are they likely to wear them while riding their bike or gardening?

Step 2: Choose a hat from our catalog

Browse through our assortment of different hats selecting the material, style, and color you want. Be sure the color you choose will match the design you want to be embroidered on the hat. For instance, don’t select a black hat if there is black in the graphic you want to be embroidered.

Step 3: Use our interactive app to fine tune your design

Keep in mind that embroidery is not printing. As such it’s important to make sure your design conforms to the parameters established by our online embroidery guide. Don’t worry. It’s easy. And someone is always close by to offer assistance if you need it.

Step 4: Order a sample

Once you have settled on a hat and design order yourself a sample. It will be sent directly to you so that you can inspect it carefully. This way you can see exactly what your customers will be receiving. If you need some tweaks return to the app and make any necessary adjustments.

Step 5: Start selling

Once you are happy with the product, it’s time to get busy making money.

Explore Possibilities: 10 Hot Selling Embroidery Hat Design Styles

Now that you have a better idea who you are targeting and how our process works it’s time to get inspired. Have a look at these different design ideas that have delivered boffo sales for other merchants and remember: they can be tweaked in any way you like.

Emojis & Fun

Emojis are more than just cute little graphics we add to our text messages. They’re us. They express how we feel, how we view the world and how we view ourselves. Emojis need no words or translation. Everybody everywhere understands the message you’re trying to convey whether that message is “I’m too sexy for my hat” or “A smile goes a long way” or “I’m no angel”. Emojis transcend age and national boundaries and are the closest thing we have to a universal language.


Maybe your target audience are actively involved in making a difference. If so, we can do caps for walkathons, charity ball games, charity auctions, road races and more. Your customers can promote their cooking club, wine tasting events, homebrew festivals or bake-offs. Local church groups are always out there in the community helping the homeless, conducting food drives and bringing needed medical care. But it doesn’t stop there. Little league teams, community cleanups and even the local snow shoveling service can all benefit from having custom embroidered hats.


Everyone could use a bit of a lift these days and inspirational hats are a great way to elevate the spirits and declare that you’re here and loving life. Nothing gets you down when you’re out and about in your inspirational cap spreading the good word in a subtle, colorful way. An inspirational message can be just about any statement that aims to shake off the blues and bring on the smiles.


Everybody knows a rebel. And every rebel wants to get out there and declare their rebellious nature. There’s no better way to do that than with a rebel-themed custom embroidered hats. We appreciate the impulse to get out there and shake things up and our rebel-themed hats are some of our most popular. Rebels from 6 to 60 will love one of these attractive, durable declarations of independence.


There’s nothing like a little civic or national pride and hats emblazoned with your customer’s hometown or country are bound to be a big hit. Anywhere you go to today you see people declaring their love of their home land or home town by way of beautifully embroidered hats. Others just want a memento of a memorable trip or to make a statement about where they’d like to go someday. Hats with a geographic or cultural angle are some of our best sellers and it’s easy to see why.


Everyone loves animals and your customers will love being able to wear one of their fellow earthlings on their hat. Whether man’s best friend or Leo the lion, a favorite bird for bird watchers or a grizzly bear for grizzly dudes animal themed hats speak to the nature lover in all of us and show our furry or feathered friends that we care.


Music is an essential part of our day to day lives. It inspires us, drives us, consoles us when we’re down and says those things we wouldn’t be able to say about the people we love and cherish. Music gives context to the big events in our lives and is one of the few things we remember throughout our lives. Music themed hats from Printify allow your customers to show they’re tuned in and turned on to the music of life.


Some people love to cook. Some love to eat. And most love to do both. Food is one of the pleasures of life and people love to express their love of all things edible. When your customers realize they can have their very own pizza themed cap they’ll go gaga and tell all their friends where they got it. Food themed hats are a great way to let the world know exactly where you stand in the food chain and to do so in a colorful, humorous way.


Is there a more important theme in the whole wide world? We doubt it and so will your customers. Love-themed hats and caps let your customers wear their heart on their sleeve. Or at least on their head. Love themed caps let you speak to the romantics in your customer base and give them an outlet for their warm, lovely vibes. Money might make the world go round, but it’s love that gives it purpose.

Nature & Flowers

Flower images make a simple statement everyone understands. They’re beautiful and timeless, colorful and evocative, simple yet incredibly complex; like life. You’ll find plenty of customers who want to make a quiet, universal statement with their cap or hat and embroidered flower images let them do exactly that. In many ways the simpler the imagery on a hat or cap is the more effective it is and a flower as a perfect example of that. When you offer flower themed hats on your website you’ll connect with scores of people who are looking for something other than another sports logo or inspirational words.


When you add beautiful, engaging embroidered caps and hats from Printify to your product line it will be the easiest money you are likely to make. There’s no capital investment on your part and you’re dealing with a product that has a proven track record.

Take advantage of this opportunity by visiting our catalog and creating a test hat for yourself. 

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