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Effective Brochure Design: Everything you need to know!

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Effective Brochure Design: Everything you need to know!

Online marketing isn’t everything, bring some life to your offline business with effective brochure design.

At Proactive we understand how appealing the world of digital marketing is, it’s cheap, cheerful, often editable, and quick to implement. However, online media is saturated with advertising messages and studies have infact shown that after the leading social media platforms ‘The fifth-most popular sharing method is offline (print) shares.’ Meaning that adding an effective brochure design to your marketing plan could do wonders for your business.

How brochures are so effective at marketing

Soft media (social media) can be instantly forgettable. A great company brochure can help to build awareness and a solid level of trust around your company, as well as  help potential customers to understand your business offering.

An effective brochure design will have a higher perceived value than anything your potential customer sees on their screen. Even when information is presented online that can be downloaded and printed off, many people may not bother. Instead give your customers a brochure they can have delivered to them at home and digest at their leisure – this is a great way to capture their details too and gives you a great reason to follow-up when they’ve received your brochure.

Brochures are a useful ‘leave behind’ marketing tool for business meetings or trade shows. With the world becoming increasingly digital, sometimes the most impressive lasting impression is to give out something physical that will promote a positive response from your recipients.

Don’t miss out on an integral marketing tool for your business. Receive a quote from us to design and print your brochure!

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