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Happy valentine’s day, Happy discount deal!!

Couple’s day with a couple of Gifts Who said that Valentine’s day only for couples? We denied it. Valentine is the day of sweet things, and the sweetest thing is when your e-commerce site brings you success. Let’s spend this valentine’s day to honor working buddy. Today, our CMSmart will present to you a Buy 1 Get 2 event. Discount …

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Tips to increase sale for every T-shirt store

increase sale

T-shirts happen to be one of the most staple apparel that is a must-have for anyone irrespective of age and gender. T-shirts offer a blank canvas for the entrepreneurs as well as the artists alike and that is where they become much more than just a classic piece of casualwear. It is for the same reason that more and more …

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4 Email Marketing Campaigns Every Ecommerce Store Needs

email marketing

When someone opts into your email list, they are giving you access to their personal inbox. You’ve earned enough of their trust to be able to reach them in their digital living room. So now what? How do you foster this new relationship? Here are 4 email marketing campaigns you should use to drive sales and cultivate brand loyalty: #1 …

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How To Create Leave In Vtiger HRM?


Dear our beloved customers, Human Resource Management is the process of recruiting, selecting, inducting employees, providing orientation, imparting training and development, appraising the performance of employees, deciding compensation and providing benefits, motivating employees, maintaining proper relations with employees and their trade unions, ensuring employees safety, welfare and health measures in compliance with labour laws of the land. Vacation is an …

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What is the advantage and disadvantage of the wordpress platform?


Advantages “The solution for the printing website”, WordPress is the second name mentioned. Let’s find out detail about this platform. There are many printing companies has chosen WordPress to build their website because the powerful Functions that it brought. And the super products “WordPress Printstore” was using so much. LINK DEMO. WordPress provides a friendly platform with the user in setup, using …

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Better Customer Satisfaction Through AI-Enabled CRM Part 1


You are not an expert in technology to hear and understand deeply the term “artificial intelligence” or AI. So what is AI or artificial intelligence? You can understand simply that AI is simulating the intellectual processes of a child performed by machines or computer systems. Currently, AI is being used to perform many previous human-held tasks. At the same time, …

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10 key for a professional e-commerce website (Part 2)


In the previous article, we shared some important key of an e-commerce website. However, that isn’t all, an e-commerce website also needs a feature upgrade to accordant with the needs of users. So what is the next key to helping the success of an e-commerce website? Let’s with CMSmart find out the answer in the below article. 1. Optimize image …

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All Of PrintMart Order Upload Feature


In the previous article, I shared with all about the topic Who uses Magento Printmart. And to continue help customer more deep understanding of this product, today I will detail talk for the content of a feature. It’s called “order upload”. This is an extremely important feature of an e-commerce website. Special is Magento printmart product. If your customer wants …

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5 ways to improve UX of search website in 2019


The search also similar a conversation between user and system. The user shows information need like a question and system shows react like answer combination. Moreover, the search is basic active, an important element to building a website. UX is so necessary and today CMSmart will share with all customers 5 way to improve UX of search website. Let’s follow …

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Your website is not perfect to launch, doesn’t mean you can’t promote it. In fact, the introduction of a website that is about to be launched creates more interest and exciting than when you have a complete website, then start promoting it. You need an application for registered visitors so they can receive notifications when your website actually starts. LeadPages is …

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