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Dos & Don’ts for the design contest

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In our monthly design competition, we showcase the freshest design ideas. Winners are awarded up to $500 prize money for their artistic achievement! Increase your chances of winning with these Dos and Don’ts.

Dos: 3 tips for entering the design contest

In order to be judged well and to compete against all the other creative submissions we receive for each contest, there are three things to watch out for.

Tip 1: Submit one-of-a-kind designs.

The design competition is about creativity! The use of stock photos and fonts à la “Times New Roman” is therefore not recommended. It is also no great achievement to lift ideas and designs from third parties. (Ahem, that’s called copyright infringement—and it makes you liable to prosecution.)

We want to create fair conditions for everyone. Every participant may submit a maximum of 5 designs per competition and only one design per participant can end up in the shortlist.

Tip 2: Tag it to bag it

To be considered, your design must be tagged with the keyword of the current design contest. You can find the correct keyword on the design contest page. Be sure to copy the tag exactly, without any special characters. As we are looking for fresh and new ideas, it doesn’t help to tag designs uploaded previous to the contest start date.

Only designs that have been uploaded and tagged during the contest will be eligible to win.

Tip 3: Choose the right product.

Although your design submission may be published on many products, only tag the best product to compete in the contest. Your design will only be considered on one product, so choose a product relevant to the competition theme, place your design carefully, and tag wisely!

Don’ts: The most common mistakes

We come across the same contest submission mistakes again and again. We’ve summarized the most common ones here to keep you ahead of the game.

Mistake 1: Design and product aren’t a good match

For example, say we are running a design contest for the first day of school. You create a great design and publish it, tag it with the keyword of the competition. All good, right? Erm, except for the fact that you published it on a baby T-shirt.

The problem? No matter how smart they may seem, babies just don’t go to school. Your design and the chosen product don’t match. The solution? Publish your design on a product suitable for schoolchildren.

Mistake 2: Design doesn’t match the contest theme

Example: The theme of the competition is “Living Colors”. You create a great graphic in black and white. Your design can’t win because you missed the boat on the theme. Another example is the “Jungle Animals” competition, where submissions with pictures of dogs or cows don’t exactly fit the bill (unless you’re designing a jungle cow?).

Mistake 3: Design is not well-placed

This is a very common mistake. We also see it over and over in the Marketplace, which is why you should take these tips to heart for your Showroom in general.

A little example: You have created an intricate design for a “Plants & Flowers” design contest and have placed it… on a baseball cap. If we (or Marketplace customers) have to squint to make out your design, it probably won’t sell and it’s certainly not going to help you win that prize money.

How does the contest work, anyway?

Check out our FAQs for a detailed explanation of how the design contest procedure and all the info you need to participate. By the way, we recently updated the FAQs— so it’s worth a second read even if you’re an experienced designer.

Ready to try your hand at our design contest? Visit the website now and discover the current contest theme.

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