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Don’t sleep on these 10 free Back-to-School designs

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Don’t sleep on these 10 free Back-to-School designs

Wakey wakey, eggs and baccy! It’s back-to-school season soon and there are about to be a lot of grumpy kids. Parents would like for them to have a smooth transition, so Back-to-School shopping is in full swing. 

Research shows that early shoppers are more likely to spend more. To help you, help them make great purchases, Printify is giving you 10 free Back-to-School designs! Scroll down ⬇️

Back to school shopping spend expected to be dominated by clothing category.

key fact about back to schoolkey fact about back to school

Back-to-School/College shopping ranks among the topmost seasonal sales for summer. Yes, higher than mother’s day. 86% of sales are made in July & August, which means this is the best time to release your merch.

A billion reasons to participate

Did you know that the Back-to-School business is a 27.6 billion dollar business and 15.1 billion of that goes to clothing and merchandise?

Better yet, 6.3 billion is spent on online shopping and shoppers spending an additional 5.5 billion are mostly “undecided”. This means if you make an appealing product, you are very like to make great sales.


What better way for Printify to support your march business than to give you ten free designs to customize your Back-to-School product catalog!

Grab your 10 free Back-to-School designs. Click here!

Sure to sell Back-to-School ideas this season

We’ve got backpacks, hoodies, cute tees, custom embroidered hats, duffle bags, notebooks, drawstring bags, sneakers, phone cases, and watch straps. Frankly speaking, you’re all set for a successful Back-to-School sales period. 

So why not take this opportunity and have the best Back-to-School season you’ve ever had. Download your free designs today! ⬆️⬆️

Make it happen right now.

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