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Design your own custom photo pillows

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Design your own custom photo pillows

You walk into a friend’s new apartment. You notice how smartly decorated everything is. The furniture is modern, the art on the wall reflects her aesthetic. But then you see, on the bed, beautifully decorated custom photo pillow, not something you would find at your typical Target or Bed Bath & Beyond, and you ask, “Where did you find those pillows?”

Pillows in one form or another have been around for thousands of years.

They first started out as hard, uncomfortable stands for wealthy people to rest their heads as a matter of hygiene. That’s right!

Well-to-do Egyptians had pillows made of marble or ivory to keep their heads off of the floor where the creepy-crawlies were. And these pillows were ornate, beautifully decorated, and functional (if not entirely comfortable). 

Custom photo pillows at Printify 

Luckily, we have come a long way from stone and wood, and Printify offers comfortable and stylish photo pillows for any room in the house.

At Printify, you can choose from six different custom photo pillows and covers to create the perfect accent for any home. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Spun Polyester Square Photo Pillow

With your design
  • 100% Polyester cover
  • Double-sided print
  • Concealed zipper
  • Polyester pillow included

Faux Suede Square Pillow

  • 100% Faux suede cover
  • Double-sided print
  • Concealed zipper
  • Polyester pillow included

8 killer photo pillows ideas for your store

Source: Unsplash

Today, people see custom photo pillows as an accessory that can make or break a space. The market for pillows is growing, and you need to get in on this lucrative design trend! 

1. Photo pillows with bold designs

The number one use for a photo pillow is to accent the living room. When a person is looking for the perfect pillow, usually they have already worked out the other details. The beige walls, and carefully chosen colors of their sofas and rugs have been settled on. Now they want a pillow that will make their room pop! Here is where you come in!


Use your imagination to create bold patterns and designs using trending colors to draw the attention of the fashion thrill-seeker! From stripes to polka dots combine colors and concepts to create a fantastic pattern that will brighten up any space. Check out some basic patterns here for inspiration. 

Think about the incredible creations you can make with our double-sided faux suede square pillow. Take a look at some of these trending designs for inspiration! (Examples of design patterns)

2. Custom photo pillows with famous quotations

Etsy/PCB Home

A big trend in interior design is to share your philosophical thoughts with the world through cleverly worded quotations. We see this in wall hangings, poster art, coffee mugs, and especially in custom photo pillows.

Shakespeare on a pillow? Why not!

As ever sigh’d upon a midnight pillow” (As You Like it, II, 4). Or maybe, “Let them have cushions!” (Coriolanus, III, 1). Find your own quotations here by searching any keyword.

You could also make custom photo pillows with popular and inspirational Bible verses or quotations from other holy books. Hebrews 13:5 “I will never leave you or forsake you.” Who wouldn’t want such a comforting pillow waiting for them at home? Maybe you will find some inspiration by reading some of these incredible quotations!

From poetry to great works of literature, there are literally endless possibilities that can capture the imagination and inspire just about anyone! Who was it that said, “There is an ‘I’ in PILLOW!” or “We put the CUSH in CUSHION!”? 

And don’t forget novelty quotations like a picture of a garden gnome saying “Gnome sweet gnome.” Or maybe something trendier like “Okay, Boomer!” Catchy slogans that capture attention are always in vogue.

Anything goes when it comes to saying what you feel on a custom photo pillow that you create! The Microfiber pillow sham is a perfect canvas for your photo pillow quotations!

3. Photo pillows in the style of… 

Custom designs often follow the latest and greatest cultural icons. But in this day and age, you don’t want to get slapped with a lawsuit because you wanted to sell some pillows with images of Disney Princesses or Spider-Man™. But nobody says you can’t make custom photo pillows in the style of these trendsetters!

Think about a pillowcase for a child’s bedroom in the style of her favorite Disney character or with hints of the latest Marvel adventure! Let your imagination run wild with color palettes, fonts, and styles that give hints of these copyrighted figures without actually using them in your designs. For example, the classic image of the little mermaid from the original fairytale is fair game!

What are the latest T.V. trends? How can you cash in on “The Bachelor”, “Big Bang Theory” or “The Masked Singer”? What kind of pillow would Sheldon want on his sofa?

Or you can create custom designs in the style of famous artists. How hard can it be to print 9 cans of tomato soup to make your own faux Warhol? Or maybe you want to share the cozy comfort of Van Gogh’s Starry Night with the world! Anything goes when it comes to your imagination and photo pillows! Check out all the variations of some great artists

Our spun polyester square pillowcase or the faux suede square pillowcase is perfect for your great ideas allowing you to make your statement on both sides of the custom photo pillow you create!

4. Custom photo pillows for animal lovers

At Printify, you can even custom print the perfect pet bed for all the animal lovers out there. We have three custom sizes for any pet (guaranteed to keep them from shedding on the new couch). Think about custom dog and cat breed prints, but don’t stop there!  

Animal prints are all the rage, and especially ones that focus on endangered species. Create photo pillows that help to highlight the plight of the humpback whale. Or give some lucky narwhal lover out there the design that he has been craving! How about a huggable rhino to cheer someone up? 

You can print your custom photo pillows with photos of actual animals and see them come to life on our high-quality products, or use your own artwork to add a unique and special charm to your design. 

Designed by georgiahorne
Designed by Schlachter Schlachter

5. Patriotic photo pillows

Designed by designskinz

The American flag is everywhere! T-shirts, backpacks, and dare we say it, underwear. Why not create a custom photo pillow with an American flag design or in the colors of the flag? This timeless design will be the perfect accent to any room!

The spun polyester square pillow is the perfect partner for your patriotic passions! This high quality, affordable accent piece can be used indoors and out for that summer party!

But don’t stop with the American motif. Plenty of people would love to see their country of origin represented as well. Our microfiber pillow sham is the perfect shape to recreate any flag from Brazil’s bright green beauty to Latvia’s white and carmine pride! 

6. Pillows with vacation locations

We have all seen the wall hangings of the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty, but why stop there? Let people bring a bit of the great big world into their homes and display them on custom photo pillows! There are so many amazing landmarks to choose from, and any of them would make an awesome pillow design!

Use your travel photos to create beautiful designs that people will cherish. Or use inspiration from some exotic locations to make your own unique artwork that takes people around the world without leaving the comfort of their bedrooms. Take inspiration from the top ten vacation spots!

Designed by FrigidLight
Designed by LilPepperJewelry 

Imagine a Great Wall of China pillow for that finishing touch in the living room. Or maybe a Mt. Fuji pillow to give just the right Japanese accent in that custom kitchen! The world is your oyster when it comes to your location designs. 

The microfibre pillow sham or faux suede square pillow are great choices for printing.

7. Killer zodiac pillows 

Hey, what’s your sign? Why make someone go through the trouble of asking when you can have a custom photo pillow that shares your astrology with everyone who comes to visit? 

From Scorpios to Aries, everyone likes to see their Zodiac sign on display. Wouldn’t it be a great idea for partners to photo pillows marking their territory? The polite and shy Virgo won’t have to worry about anyone taking his seat on the couch when his custom photo pillow is there for him. The artistic Pisces will love the fish that you design to inspire her through a day full of creative energy.  Think about putting all 12 signs on our best-selling spun polyester square pillow!

8. Photo pillow with your art

Designed by LikyGifts

Finally, the greatest thing about the custom print revolution is that as an artist, you can put your art on display anywhere. Instead of sticking to the traditional painting in a frame on a wall (boring!), deliver your designs on custom photo pillows and pillowcases!

Source: Etsy/ LittleFruits

Your art can be on permanent display on some sofa or bed giving that lasting, final design touch to someone’s space. 

From graffiti to conceptual imagery to digital art, pillows and pillowcases are the perfect canvas for your expression. 

Think about the possibilities of printing to both sides of our spun polyester square pillowcase or the faux suede square pillowcase each in four different sizes. 

And feel free to combine images with words! Simple typography can say a lot, just look at Jenny Holzer or Mel Bochner.  

Start selling custom photo pillows with print on demand

print on demand dropshipping printifyprint on demand dropshipping printify

At Printify, your custom designs are dropshipped to your customer’s door with no middle man and no minimum order. So what are you waiting for? Let your creative energy flow and start designing the perfect custom photo pillow!

Take inspiration from makers like Danielle Oakey who has turned making custom photo pillows into a full-time business earning over $400,000 a year!

Remember Printify provides a print-on-demand service that allows you to create your design, and sell it on popular shopping sites like Shopify, Etsy, eBay and more with no start-up costs. 

Our Spun Polyester Square Pillow is our best seller. At only $13.12 per unit plus $10.00 for shipping, you could list these two-sided custom pillows for $35 making almost $12 per sale. Earn even more with Printify Premium! 

We also have Faux Suede Square pillows and pillowcases which offer the luxury and feel of suede at a low price. Or go for the Microfiber Pillow Sham for custom bedrooms. Each pillow and pillowcase comes in a range of sizes to fit any room and budget!

Check out all of our photo pillows and start designing your killer pillows today! 

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