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Design Occasions: Summer and Autumn

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There are a number of design occasions coming up in the next few months. Prepare your designs by checking out our list of holidays and important events.

Besides nice weather, Summer and Autumn also feature several notable holidays. There are even some unconventional occasions that you can capitalize on, including:

  • Nelson Mandela Day
  • International Day of Friendship
  • International Cat Day
  • International Dog Day

We’ve provided a long list of holidays and occasions below. Make sure you keep note of these dates as you’re preparing your designs!

(Start) Date Occasion Market
7/1/2019 Christmas in July US
7/4/2019 Independence Day US US
7/18/2019 Nelson Mandela Day global
7/30/2019 International Day of Friendship global
8/1/2019 Back to School US
8/8/2019 International Cat Day global
8/23/2019 Shark Week US
8/26/2019 International Dog Day global
9/11/2019 9/11 Remembrance US
9/12/2019 National Video Game Day US
9/15/2019 Pumpkin Spice US
9/21/2019 World Chicken Festival US
9/21/2019 International Day of Peace global

It’s important to remember that these holidays and occasions won’t only appeal to those seeking T-shirts. Rather, you can adorn a number of products with your designs, including mugs, posters, tote bags, and coasters (EU only)!

How have you previously capitalized on design occasions? Do you have any hints to pass on to your fellow sellers? Let us know in the comments below!

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