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Design Ideas for Posters

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Posters are a popular gift idea and great sales opportunity for your showroom. The following gift occasions will help you as you’re designing posters.

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Get inspired and increase your chances of selling with poster designs!


What do kids love? Animals, of course! Sweet animal illustrations are the perfect gift for children of all ages. Your designs need to endear themselves to parents, aunts, grandparents, or anyone looking for posters for the little ones. You could design e.g. posters with the ABCs or learning materials for first-graders. Another idea: Create a fun map of the world or illustrate a kid’s commute to school!

Best Friends

A best friend usually knows their BFF’s taste in home furnishing quite well. Do they like music? Then a best friend is aware of the genre they like best. Is she a feminist? Then an encouraging slogan for equality on a poster is the right gift for her. The best-friends topic is a wide-open playground for creative ideas. Create designs that stand out from the crowd and you’ll have good chances with this target group.


Everyone loves their mom, but why is it that you can never think of anything when occasions like her birthday, Mother’s Day and Christmas come up? How about a recognition of her achievements in the shape of a huge message on a poster? Bold typographies are a perfect means of transporting the message to tell a mom just how great she is. And think illustrations with wine, coffee or flowers. You got it!


The old men may not let it on, but they’re also open to flattery when presented with the right gift.  Most fathers have at least one strange hobby they like to cultivate (collecting photos of old steam trains and other tech-heavy hobbyhorses), so their kids will probably look for specific topics. Again, the general poster trend goes towards illustrations and typography. Other than that, fathers can be very much impressed by being told how cool they are with poster slogans!

Yoga Lovers

What does a yogi give to a yogi? Exactly: yoga posters! Add photographs to yoga sayings and meditations with beautiful lettering and symbols. Especially popular are beautiful pictures of nature scenes or yoga poses. Important: Your posters must be positive so that yoginis feel inspired to use them as gifts. Namaste!

Animal Lovers

There are few people who don’t like animals, which is why the topic is so big with posters. Create illustrations and drawings with animals, and you’ll probably find a lot of fans who want to give your designs as gifts. Other ideas: I love … posters, sayings about animals.


Time travel has not yet been invented, but many frequent travelers and globetrotters are obsessed with the idea of going back in time. They love looking at vintage-style posters and retro designs wherever they turn their head at home. Create your posters with designs or photographs about travel, destinations, nature or motivational travel slogans by giving them a retro touch!


What’s more, keep checking our Pinterest boards to find out which topics are trending and you’ll be in the money.

What do you think of our poster gift design ideas? Do you have any other ideas? Then leave a comment!

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