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Color trends 2020 & How to create merchandise for women

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Color trends 2020 & How to create merchandise for women

Adding random accessories or garments to your online store won’t increase your chances of selling them, which is why you need to understand who your ideal customer is and what they really want. By choosing to design merchandise for a women audience you will gain access to a huge market, but in order to be successful in that market, you need to understand its ins and outs, for example, color trends 2020.    

Success doesn’t come overnight, in fashion or any other industry, so in order to truly succeed you first need to find what you love doing. If you know what you really want to do, then all the extra effort you have to put in to make your dreams come true, won’t seem arduous and every small accomplishment that gets you a step closer to your goal will look like a small victory.

6 impressive online stats about women

  • Women account for 58% of all total online spending
  • Twenty-two percent shop online at least once a day
  • Females estimate about five hours a week is spent on online shopping
  • Women influenced $90 billion of consumer purchases
  • Moms represent a $2.4 trillion market
  • 90% of moms are online vs. 76% of women in general

Reasons to create female-focused merchandise

Source: Unsplash

All forms of creativity can be interpreted as communication, and as an online entrepreneur, you need to know who is the ideal user of the products you’re offering in order to be able to communicate with them.

If you consider the fact that women influence 83% of all consumer spending in the U.S alone, you will be able to get a realistic picture of the size of the audience you’re addressing.

This stat also vividly illustrates how important it is to find creative ways to attract the attention of the female audience in your marketing efforts.  

Women’s best sellers

Relying on clichés in your creative efforts or your marketing strategy may turn out to be a costly mistake because adding items with floral motifs to your online store just because you heard women like them doesn’t mean that the sales of your merchandise are going to go through the roof. Moreover, the profit shouldn’t be the sole reason why you design women’s clothes or accessories that ladies like to have in their homes.

So, instead of following well-established rules, you should try thinking outside the box and come up with fresh designs that are going to take the Internet by storm. The choice to design clothes and accessories for women should be rooted in your belief that you can offer something your competition can’t.

What do women like to spend their money on?  

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A study conducted during the first three months of 2018 indicates that men shop online more frequently than women. 69% of male Internet users based on the European continent placed online orders from January to March, while 66% of women made online purchases during the same period.

However, women buy items that cost less than one hundred euros more often than men, but men are more likely to shop online for products that cost up to one thousand euros.

The same study shows that food and clothes are at the top of the shopping lists of female Internet users.

Moreover, ladies regularly buy tote bags, T-shirts, and towels, items on which your designs can be printed easily.

Being a relentless researcher who takes time to find out which accessories or pieces of clothing draw the most attention from the female audience can help you improve the revenue your online store generates.

For instance, following influencers like Chiara Ferragni or Aimee Song may make it easier for you to keep in touch with the latest fashion trends. Their brand identities, messages they convey through their videos and even their outfits can all be valuable sources of information you can utilize to turn your online store into a popular destination for female shoppers.

Social media platforms like YouTube or Instagram are a tool you can use to discover garments or accessories that are currently in demand, but you must at least try to give each item you add to your store a personal touch.

Finding the inspiration for your designs

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One of the greatest painters of the twentieth century once said that ‘Good artists copy, great artists steal’. You don’t even have to bother concealing your thievery since it doesn’t really matter where you take things from. The important thing is where you take things to, how well you develop an idea and how skillful you are at adjusting that idea to a specific context.

The possibilities are virtually endless, as you can use fonts, face paints, pictures, colors or any other visual element in designs you apply to T-shirts or any other objects you’d like to sell in your online store. If you manage to combine these visual elements in a unique and creative way, then the chances are that you’ll never run out of ideas.

Color Trends 2020

Source: Visme.co

Nonetheless, monitoring the hot fashion trends on Twitter might be a good idea. You can never know when you’re going to stumble upon something you actually want to incorporate in your work. Inspirational quotes, for example, are all the rage these days, but you don’t have to feel compelled to use them in your T-shirt designs just because they are popular.

i could give up shopping but i'm not a quitteri could give up shopping but i'm not a quitter
Source: Pinterest

The trouble is that the market is oversaturated with T-shirts that feature a catchy inspirational quote, and in order to make your design stand out, the message has to be clever, funny and above everything else memorable. In case you need more inspiration for your next design, you should follow this link.

The color trends of 2020

Thanks to Sherwin-Williams, a company with famous color marketing experts and their beautiful color palettes of 2020.






And holiday designs

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, Easter or Valentine’s day present the opportunity to launch a collection of products that contain motifs that are characteristic for each of these holidays. Once again being innovative in your designs will increase your chances of success, because following well-established patterns might not be enough to boost the sales of your products.

Choosing the most effective promotional techniques

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Developing a marketing strategy that is specifically aimed at women is probably the best way to ensure that your products actually reach their target audience. Producing vlogs, promotional videos or visual content that feature you and your customers wearing clothes you designed is a great way to improve the visibility of your work.

Read a great article with more than 30 women-leader opinions and thoughts about marketing strategy for a female audience.

Sharing the promotional content on social media can boost the sales of your products, and you can also use these channels to connect with your audience. It is important to keep in mind that using the data, such as the number of likes or views your designs are getting can improve the sales of the merchandise in your online store.

Women don’t think like men, and the marketing techniques that work well for a male target group may prove to be ineffective if you’re trying to reach a predominantly female audience. So instead of trying to persuade your ideal customer why your designs are the best on the market, you should just explain in layman’s terms what your products are all about. Being flexible and ready to tweak your online marketing strategy if necessary, is of utmost importance, as there is very little sense in sticking to a plan that doesn’t produce results.

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