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Bella Canvas 3001: our complete, A to Z guide of the Bella Canvas 3001 flagship shirt for your store

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Bella Canvas 3001: our complete, A to Z guide of the Bella Canvas 3001 flagship shirt for your store

Looking for a popular and profitable shirt for your store? Then look no further than the Bella Canvas 3001, one of the best selling tees on our platform. 

Bella Canvas 3001 is the flagship tee for Bella Canvas and a bestseller here at Printify.

Bella Canvas 3001 key features

Bella Canvas 3001 has a wealth of hidden features that make it one of our best selling and best-loved shirts. Our merchants and their customers make the Bella Canvas 3001 one of the best selling shirts in their shops and on our platform, year after year. 

Here’s why:

  1. Durability – this is a durable shirt
  2. Comfortable – unmatched comfort for the price
  3. Attractive – retail fit and high flattering cut

1. Durable, strong, and long-lasting

The Bella Canvas 3001 has strong side seams that give it durability for years. It also has shoulder tape that allows it to keep it’s famous lines after all those cycles and washes your customers will put it through. Add to that its ringspun cotton and you’ve got the makings of a wardrobe staple for years to come!

2. Comfortable, pleasant and relaxed

The Bella Canvas 3001 is also 100% soft, Airlume combed and ringspun cotton and lightweight fabric that comes with a tear-away label. It also runs true to size, which takes the guesswork out of ordering. It “looks great and feels great”. Everything you could want in a t-shirt, the Bella Canvas 3001 provides!

3. Attractive to wear and be seen

Bella Canvas 3001 also has a retail fit, so it falls and wears more naturally around your body, flowing with the curve of your chest, torso, and hips. The ribbed knit stitching on the collar looks stylish and also keeps the shirt looking fresh for years. 

Bella Canvas is about ethical manufacturing

Bella Canvas guarantees that no sweatshops are used in the manufacturing of their products. They reduce their waste when they produce steam by burning oil from their dye process, and make sure their wastewater is disposed of ethically. All for our planet earth! 🙂 

Cut and Dyed in Los Angeles

Bella Canvas sources cotton from all over the world, but all of their garments are cut and died in Los Angeles, California. 

Sewn-in ethically

Bella Canvas sews their garments either in Los Angeles or in Central America. They’re the largest dyer and cutter of apparel in the USA.

No cheap Tees

 In order to manufacture very cheap tees for sale, you need 3 cheap things:

  1. Electricity
  2. Steam
  3. Wastewater Treatment

1. Cheap electricity

No petroleum coke is used in Bella Canvas tee production, which powers many dye houses in the industry.

2. Cheap steam

No biomass is used to create steam for the buying process, but rather used recycled dryer oil that is burned to create energy. This means no additional deforestation because of Bella Canvas tees!

3. Cheap wastewater

Bella Canva uses 7x less water than the industry average because they use as little water as possible, with extremely efficient dye machines. Wastewater goes to a state of the art water reclamation plant in Los Angeles, ensuring no harmful chemicals go back into the ecosystem.

Selling the Bella Canvas 3001 

You can join the thousands of other merchants on our platform in selling the Bell Canvas 3001 with their designs. Because it’s 100% cotton, it’s a great medium for any design or graphic you can come up with. Your customers will also like this because it is breathable and lightweight. But, there are many reasons to like Bella Canvas 3001.

Choices and Options

Our print providers offer 60+ colors with more than that produced by Bella Canvas. They also offer more than 100+ colors, and there are new ones being added all the time! It’s no wonder that this is favorite for designers looking for that perfect canvas color for their graphics.

When you’re designing your graphics or tees, we know that it comes down to our products at our Print providers that make or break the design. Having more color options means you have more design options, which should translate into what matters most: sales!

Print Area

Printify’s mockup generator – DTG2GO print provider

The Bella Canvas 3001 has a front and back print area. It’s mainly used for front-facing or back-facing, but of course, you have the option of choosing both. One of our providers also offers sleeve printing!

This is particularly popular for tour shirts, where you want to display dates and venues on the back. 

Bella Canvas has consistent sizing

With less expensive, tube shirts, the sizes that you ordered might vary from shirt to shirt. For example, if you buy 3 mediums, it’s possible that one might be significantly smaller than the others. 

Bella Canvas uses sophisticated technology to make sure that the tees they cut are identical in terms of size. Bella Canvas cuts hundreds of millions of garments a year with laser-guided automated cutting. All other manufacturers use hand cutting, which leads to inconsistency.

Bella Canvas’s high tech cutting machines cut the fabric in vacuum-sealed bags to make sure nothing moves and nothing varies by even a millimeter. This reduces fabric waste because special software makes sure all the cuts are precise and the fabric is used to its fullest. 

Bella Canvas Airlumed and Ringspun Cotton

The grade of cotton used in manufacturing also determines its quality, specifically how the cotton is refined before it’s spun for garments. 

There are four types:

  1. Carded Open End (COE)
  2. Ringspun
  3. Combed and Ringspun
  4. Airlume Combed and Ringspun 

1. Carded Open End

COE cotton is inexpensive, and you’ll find it in the cheapest tees on the market. It’s stiff and rough. Fewer and fewer people are willing to settle for this grade for garments.

2. Ringspun

Ringspun cotton contains the dirt and impurities that you’ll find in natural, raw cotton. The cotton isn’t as clean, the print surface isn’t optimal, and the garment itself doesn’t feel as soft.

3. Combed and ringspun

Combed and ringspun cotton cleans out all the impurities, but a lot of manufacturers won’t do this, because it reduces the yield. Nevertheless, you’ll be left with a product that’s soft and suitable for printing, without any of the impurities.

4. Airlume combed and ringspun

Bella Canva’s processes leave it with about 25% of the cotton mass it started with. They comb and ring spin their cotton, but they also only use the longest staples of cotton with the least amount of stray fibers. This results in the softest feel, and also the best surface for printing.

Bella Canvas shrink prevention

Natural fiber garments like cotton-based garments can suffer from shrinkage. The main issue is that, during the spinning process, the fibers are stretched out and put under tension. The heat from hot water or a dryer will release this tension and reverse the stretching process. Preshrunk cotton goes through this shrinking process before the fabric is cut, reducing the total after cut shrinkage to a maximum of 5%.

1. Stretching width-wise

Bella Canva stretches its fabric width-wise to help reduce the tension in the lengthwise spinning and stretching process.

2. $1 million shrink drying chambers

Air blowers tumble the fabric and heat triggers the cotton to relax and shrink before cutting. 

3. Steam compacting shrinks lengthwise

Bella Canva uses steam compactors to steam the fabric, this reduces the length and makes it physically shorter before cutting. 

4. Pre-shrinking keeps the shape of the tee

Without pre-shrinking, the seam along the side can move and be stretched one way or another, because the shrinking will occur after the sewing. This way, the seam, and tee keep their shape, even after washing and drying.

5. Shrinkage of less than 5% – wow!

Bella Canvas’s 3001 shirts should only shrink 5% or less, either lengthwise or widthwise, once they’re in your customers’ hands. 

Comparing platforms and prices

Now, you know all about Bella Canvas and the Bella Canvas 3001. Let’s take a look at the various platforms that are selling it, and the prices you can expect. 

Comparison pricing

Printify’s Bella Canvas 3001 starts at $8.30(or $7.25 with Printify Premium) at its most inexpensive printing partner. Remember, at Printify, the providers compete and you win!

Some other leading print-on-demand sites have prices that are higher. Printful’s Bella Canvas 3001 starts at $11.25, Printaura starts from $14 and Gooten from $9.90. All these prices are for the same tee! Remember, you can also get up to 30% off by signing up for Printify Premium, our amazing monthly subscription plan.

Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee, from $7.25 (with Printify Premium)

Get those sales

We think it’s clear if you’re looking for high quality, eco-friendly and thoroughly engineering tee to make your customers happy for years – then the Bella Canva 3001 is the one. And if you’re looking for a get price on the Bella Canva 3001, then look no further than Printify. Check our print providers and start selling Bella Canvas 3001 with your design today!

If you haven’t already, get signed up with Printify today, and get started earning!

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